Risk Coverage Optimization

T ricentis Tosca assists enterprises in optimizing test cases by minimizing the number of test cases needed to achieve the highest possible risk contribution for each test case. Our proven combinatorial methodology, Linear Expansion, reduces the number of test cases and optimizes your risk coverage at the same time. Tricentis Tosca enables you to assess the aggregated risk coverage from business, technical, performance and compliance perspectives for your automated software testing needs.

Optimize Risk Coverage

Based on a risk assessment of the test target’s functional areas, Tricentis Tosca is able to guide you to the most effective test cases as well as identify the risk contribution of each test case, in order to ensure that the most powerful test sets are to be executed.

  • Easily determine the optimal set of test cases
  • Maximize your risk coverage
  • Increase your ROI
  • Determine the efficiency of your testing

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Reduce the Number Of Test Cases


Minimize the number of test cases and refine them further with our unique Linear Expansion methodology.  Tricentis Tosca will determine the contribution to risk coverage for each test case.

  • Choose from a variety of methodologies that suit your needs
  • Reduce the number of test cases by 50%-80%
  • Increase risk coverage to up to 90+%

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Minimize Test Case Maintenance Efforts

Because of its dynamic nature, agile development often creates further challenges when maintaining test cases. Tricentis Tosca provides object-oriented concepts (classes & enumerations, references) to minimize these efforts.

  • Effortless maintenance
  • Easily create re-usable attribute structures
  • Simple drag and drop operation

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Go Deeper into Risk Coverage Optimization

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Test Data Design and Generation

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