Risk Coverage Optimization Technical Description

In today’s economy, innovative businesses experience high pressure to reduce time-to-market, which shortens the release cycles to that extent that continuous delivery methods are required. Testing as the gatekeeper between development and operations (DevOps) faces budget constraints while having to deliver comprehensive test results in much shorter (continuous) release cycles. As a result, testing needs to follow a risk based approach and to use the most effective test cases to achieve the desired risk coverage.

Tricentis Tosca Testsuite assists enterprises in optimizing test cases by minimizing the number of test cases needed to achieve the highest possible risk contribution for each test case. Our proven combinatorial methodology, Linear Expansion, reduces the number of test cases and optimizes your risk coverage at the same time. Tosca Testsuite enables you to assess the aggregated risk coverage from business, technical, performance and compliance perspectives.

Optimize Risk Coverage

What it does
Based on a risk assessment of the test target’s functional areas, Tosca Testsuite is able to guide you to the most effective test cases as well as identify the risk contribution of each test case, in order to ensure that the most powerful Test Sets are to be executed.

Why it matters
Most common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in testing rely on the number of test cases as its key metric. However, the number of test cases does not express the optimal risk coverage that can be achieved, since customer surveys have revealed highly redundant test cases and leaks in risk coverage. With Tosca Testsuite, you can easily determine the optimal set of test cases to maximize risk coverage and increase ROI. Metrics such as Relative Weight, Contribution, and Execution State help to determine how efficient your testing is.

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Reduce the Number Of Test Cases

What it does
Choose from a variety of methodologies (such as equivalence partitioning, boundary tests, combinatorial methods) to minimize the number of test cases. Refine them further with our unique Linear Expansion methodology and Tosca Testsuite will determine each test case’s contribution to risk coverage.

Why it matters
Intuitive test case definition, without the use of methodology, is still the most common testing solution. Surveys reveal that this practice delivers fair test case quality, with a risk coverage of up to 40 – 50 %. Customers who attempt to achieve an increased risk coverage of 90%+ with intuitive test case definition, often fail because exponential growth of number of test cases with high redundancies.

With Tosca Testsuite’s Linear Expansion customers reduce the number of test cases by 50% – 80% while increasing risk coverage to 90+ %. Our outstanding capabilities in test case definition have been confirmed by customers and acknowledged by analysts.

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Minimize Maintenance Efforts In Test Case Definition

What it does
Test case maintenance requires all changes in test target behavior to be reflected in test cases. Agile development creates further challenges because of its dynamic nature and its constant state of flux. Tosca Testsuite provides object-oriented concepts (classes) and the ability to create business-related rules (relations), which can be imposed onto combinatorial methods in order to minimize these efforts.

Why it matters
Even if customers succeed in creating appropriate sets of test cases, often they fail to maintain these assets over a longer period of time, thus diminishing the value of test cases and compromising the comprehensiveness of regression tests.

Maintenance in Tosca Testsuite is effortless and easy: as soon as attribute structures or values are used in several positions, a re-useable class of enumeration can be easily created through a simple-to-use drag and drop operation!

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