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Customer Journey


How Varian Achieves Quality at Speed in Regulated Environments

“Continuous testing and the related discipline of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery have emerged as the de facto processes that can meet customer, business and software quality demands. With continuous testing, software teams execute automated tests as part of the delivery pipeline in order to assess the quality of each software release candidate as rapidly as possible.”

Manish Mathuria, CTO & Founder, Infostretch

Critical Capabilities for Test Automation in Packaged Applications


Varian Medical Systems is a leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for radiation oncology treatments. With a global presence of more than 6,500 employees distributed between 70 offices around the globe, Varian has implemented sales and service management solutions using Salesforce, ServiceMax and SAP. These packaged applications often drive business-critical processes, but when manual transaction validations are required from non-technical resources, testing and code quality can suffer. For Varian, the world’s largest cancer/oncology medical device and software provider—it’s imperative that they’re able to quickly service the products that people’s lives depend on every day.

To keep up with their demand for continuous quality in their highly-regulated environments, Varian partnered with Tricentis and Infostretch. Tricentis and Infostretch partner together to help teams accelerate digital transformations through continuous testing, agile, and DevOps initiatives. Together, we helped Varian automate key processes, leverage continuous integration, streamline test data creation and management, and reduce their testing costs by 35%.

Business challenges

Varian’s challenges to delivering consistent quality are common in the enterprise were both common, and complex. Tricentis and Infostretch evaluated a number of key areas throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) of Varian’s packaged applications where an innovative approach to software testing would help Varian achieve their goals. These areas included:

  • A complex business app landscape that included SAP, SQL Server, Dell Boomi, Salesforce, ServiceMax—each with independent release cycles
  • Manual testing was unable to support complex custom work processes being deployed to production every two weeks
  • Cumbersome regression testing scenarios with data dependent transactions
  • Requirement to integrate solution with multiple cloud environments
  • Regulatory implications
The Tricentis and Infostretch Solution

Given the complexity of Varian’s SDLC, data dependencies, and packaged application integrations Tricentis and Infostretch built a parallel agile lifecycle alongside Varian’s existing workflow. This ensured that existing critical lines of business were not disrupted during Varian’s testing transformation, and enabled Tricentis and Infostretch to identify key areas of focus and processes throughout the SDLC that could be modernized with an innovative approach to test automation.

In just 6 months, Tricentis and Infostretch enabled Varian to more easily determine the suite of tests that cover their top business risks and reduce the maintenance of that suite to an absolute minimum. By fully automating packaged application testing without the need for technical expertise, global enterprises like Varian break down communication barriers, receive faster feedback, and validate critical business processes faster.

Key areas of focus:
  • Identifying test case modules and integration points
  • Determining prerequisite test data for future automated creation
  • Resolving object identification issues
  • Sharing test case sanity results with SMEs and IT
  • Identifying mission critical scenarios for repeated regression
  • Leveraging APIs from Varian’s development team
  • Creating test scripts and regression suite for reuse and easier self-execution
  • Simplifying regression suite maintenance and keeping test cases up-to-date

Sample Use Case

Work order submission with external parts