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How to Generate Automated Test Script

Use qTest Explorer for manual and automation testing

Tests can use qTest Explorer for both manual and automation testing efforts. qTest Explorer has the ability to generate an automated test script after your test session has been completed.

Generate Automated Script

Access qTest Sessions from the navigation, then click review link on any recorded session. Here will see the “Generate Script” button on the session review page.

Let’s go through a quick example,using the Web Explorer plugin. After you start your new test session, Explorer will automatically record all screens, data inputs, and objects from your web application. All of this data will be sent back to qTest Sessions in order to create an automated test script.

After you stop and upload your test session, you can review all data collected and click the “Generate Script Button” to view the automated test script.

Edit Automated Script

In the script editor, you can quickly switch between support plugins like Selenium JAVA, C# or Protractor. You can also create your own automation plugin. In the left navigation, you can edit the targets and values of each of the captured commands. By making changes, this will directly affect the automation code. If using Selenium web driver, inserting your specific web driver path will automatically update the script below. After edits are made, you can download or copy the script to then be placed in an automation project.

Execute Automated Script

Now that I have my new automation script, I can add it to my Selenium project. Since I used the Selenium Java plugin, I need to create new class and then match the class name with the test script name,

After this is complete, I’m ready to run my automated script. With the feature, qTest Explorer users can help determine which test sessions are candidates for automation while performing exploratory test sessions at the same time.

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