Tricentis LiveCompare

Smart impact analysis for SAP

Tricentis LiveCompare provides smart impact analysis for SAP updates, using AI to pinpoint exactly what you need to test to ensure a zero-defect release.


Reduce the risk from SAP changes

SAP applications link every aspect of your business. This means even a minor SAP update has the potential to cause major disruption and downtime. But SAP implementations are often so complex, teams don’t know exactly what they need to test. As a result, they test too much, too little, or the wrong things entirely. This slows down your SAP releases, adding to costs while doing little to minimize risk.

Always know exactly what to test

LiveCompare solves this problem. It takes all the guesswork out of determining what needs to be tested before changes are deployed to your SAP landscape.

With LiveCompare, your teams can:

  • Avoid over-testing, cutting unnecessary time and complexity from your SAP testing
  • Prevent under-testing, so they can catch defects before they cause business pain in production
  • Deliver higher-quality releases with zero defects

The Risk AI advantage

Traditional SAP impact analysis tools only tell you what areas of your system have changed — not which of these areas should be tested. They also require weeks to months of configuration. In the end, many find them not worth the effort.

LiveCompare’s innovative Risk AI takes a smarter approach. It enables LiveCompare to automatically:

  • Analyze your SAP systems and usage to learn everything about your SAP landscape, including business processes, integrations, custom code, and security
  • Determine the risks in any change to your SAP system —large or small — factoring in landscape and usage data to pinpoint exactly which objects need testing

With Risk AI, LiveCompare customers are cutting their release test scopes by 85% or more. In other words, they are able to cover 100% of the risks to their SAP systems for only 15% of the effort they previously put into testing SAP releases.

A key part of SAP’s recommended testing solution

SAP and Tricentis joined forces to bring you a codeless, business-friendly approach to SAP application testing. By answering the critical question, “what to test?”, LiveCompare plays a key role in this solution.


Fast insights for faster, safer SAP releases

LiveCompare includes a wide range of automated impact analysis features that help team members across the enterprise identify and address potential risks early in the release process.

Change impact analysis
Developer impact analysis
Security impact analysis
Configuration impact analysis
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Use cases

Take the risk out of your ECC, Cloud, and S/4HANA journeys

LiveCompare works on SAP updates of all sizes, including:

  • Small changes: Transports and CHaRM IDs from internal teams
  • Large changes: Service Packs (SPs) and Enhancement Packs (EP) from SAP
  • Massive changes: SAP S/4HANA conversions, cloud migrations, system consolidations, and upgrades

LiveCompare supports all custom and standard ABAP applications, including:

  • SAP BW


LiveCompare integrations

LiveCompare integrates with other parts of the Tricentis and SAP platforms. These integrations enable LiveCompare to provide even more timesaving and risk-reducing benefits, such as the ability to automate SAP test planning and auditing.

“Tricentis provides the valuable automation we need to test faster and more thoroughly while reducing costs. More advanced testing, more comprehensive testing is essential for reducing the risk of change, enabling us to rapidly optimize processes and systems with minimal disruption to the business.”