Tricentis LiveCompare

Change intelligence for SAP

Tricentis LiveCompare provides SAP teams with AI-powered analytics and insights that significantly reduce the risk, time, and cost of delivering and supporting changes to SAP solutions.

Tricentis LiveCompare - Change intelligence for SAP

Reduce risks from your SAP projects

Easy to set up and use, LiveCompare continuously monitors your SAP delivery pipelines and production systems for issues that put your SAP projects at risk. With DevOps-friendly capabilities that improve quality and deployment speed throughout your SAP practice, LiveCompare enables you to:

  • Fast track releases
  • Optimize operations
  • Deliver transformation with confidence
Tricentis LiveCompare dashboard

Know exactly what to test, in real time

Leave the ‘boil the ocean’ approach behind. LiveCompare takes all the guess work out of test selection, telling you exactly what needs to be tested before changes are deployed to production.

  • Avoid over-testing, cutting unnecessary time and complexity from your SAP testing
  • Prevent under-testing, catching defects before they damage your system and reputation
  • Deliver higher-quality releases with zero defects

Release custom code with confidence

Monitor the quantity and quality of custom code, execute ABAP unit tests, code quality checks, and understand how changes affect your larger SAP environment, automatically.

  • Help developers submit high quality custom code
  • Reduce technical debt without impacting functionality across your business
  • Standardize custom code best practices across teams

Put your SAP modernization projects into overdrive

LiveCompare makes it easy for everyone to contribute toward your digital transformation goals.

  • Guides developed with SAP Activate in mind show teams which quality activities to perform and when
  • Role-based UI streamlines the user experience for your unique personnel, like developers, operations, testers, and others
  • Real-time reports, analytics, insights, and more help teams collaborate to implement changes on time and fit for purpose

The AI advantage

LiveCompare isn’t like other tools. Using our innovative Risk AI technology, our solution can tell you what areas of your SAP systems have changed and what should be tested in near real time.

With LiveCompare, you can:

  • Better understand and analyze your SAP system usage, landscape, business processes, integrations, custom code, and security
  • Determine risks of any change to your system by factoring landscape and usage data to pinpoint what objects need to be tested
  • Cut your release scope by 85% or more and achieve 100% risk coverage
LiveCompare test scopes by impact analysis tool

We’re a trusted SAP partner and part of its recommended testing solution

Through the Solution Extensions partnership, SAP and Tricentis joined forces to bring you LiveCompare, our AI-powered, business-friendly change intelligence solution for SAP application testing. With LiveCompare, your teams can use its powerful capabilities to deliver SAP projects on time and under budget –leaving customers and business users satisfied.

How does LiveCompare work?

LiveCompare is the ultimate SAP testing tool and can help you:

Eliminate hypercare

LiveCompare reduces more than 90% of the risks of potential business disruption from SAP changes, eliminating the need for hypercare.

Minimize the pain of testing for business users

By shrinking test scopes and helping companies rapidly scale test automation, LiveCompare greatly reduces the current and future testing burden on SAP business users.

Shift ABAP developer testing left

LiveCompare provides automated ABAP unit testing and code quality checks for all custom development, so defects in custom code can be fixed early and easily.

Level-up test automation

LiveCompare helps you rapidly scale (and benefit from) test automation by identifying risks and areas that need testing most frequently.

Case study

Automated impact analysis helps OMV test smarter for faster bluefield installation of S/4HANA

Learn how OMV has achieved 80% test automation of all business-critical processes with Tricentis Tosca.


The solution for any SAP change

LiveCompare works on SAP updates of all sizes, including:

  • Small changes: Transports and CHaRM IDs from internal teams
  • Large changes: Service Packs (SPs) and Enhancement Packs (EP) from SAP
  • Massive changes: SAP S/4HANA conversions, cloud migrations, system consolidations, and upgrades

LiveCompare supports all custom and standard ABAP applications, including:

  • SAP BW

Powerful integrations to fuel transformation

LiveCompare integrates with parts of the SAP and Tricentis platforms, helping customers realize even more timesaving and risk-reducing benefits, like automating SAP test planning and auditing.