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AI-powered testing for web and mobile applications

Your development team releases updates multiple times each week. You need testing that keeps up with the pace of change. Testim’s AI-powered test automation helps you quickly write tests, minimize maintenance, and ship quality faster.

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Introducing Tricentis Testim Copilot

We are pleased to announce Tricentis Testim Copilot, providing our latest and most advanced generative AI capabilities to help development teams move faster and increase application quality.


Modern testing for product development teams

Your customer-facing applications must deliver a quality user experience — your reputation and brand are at stake. Keeping pace with frequent releases requires a modern approach to UI testing. Testim is easy to use and handles your toughest testing challenges so you can spend less time testing and innovate more.

  • Fast, low-code authoring with the flexibility of customization using code when needed
  • Self-healing and auto-improving AI-powered locators eliminate test maintenance
  • TestOps to manage your tests and applications help scale quality initiatives efficiently
Dashboard for agile teams in Testim

Native mobile app testing

Testim Mobile extends the easy-to-use fast authoring and stability capabilities of Testim to mobile iOS and Android apps.

  • Test authoring and execution on real and virtual devices in one unified solution
  • Flexible, low-code authoring to create mobile tests fast
  • Test stability using machine learning to avoid spending time fixing broken tests
Testim Native mobile app testing

AI-powered test authoring

Testim Copilot

  • Generative AI speeds up and simplifies testing of complex apps
  • Automatic debugging of code, identifying problems and providing fixes
  • Produces code documentation and explanation, making it easier to reuse best practices
Tricentis Testim Copilot - Coding assistant with AI capabilities


How we do it

Record modular tests
JavaScript customization
Auto-improving smart locators
Generative AI test creation
Root cause analysis
Native mobile testing
Cross-browser grid
AI-driven help
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Tricentis Testim coding assistant - Generate AI test creation
Testim Native mobile app testing

Continuous integration

Trigger tests on CI actions. Use test status to evaluate tests before false positives stop builds.


Create one-button bug reports in Jira, Trello, or GitHub. Publish results in Slack, email, or to any webhook.

Version control

Sync test branches with code branches on forks, commits, and merges.

Test execution

Run cross-browser tests on Testim or any third-party Selenium-compatible grid.

Visual validation

Test the visual accuracy of your web application at the element or page level.

Test management

Include Testim tests in your unified management strategy. Read the documentation.



Microsoft Cyber Defense shores up quality with end-to-end testing.


TreviPay uses AI-powered UI testing to speed its cloud transformation.

Advertising tech

Outbrain reduced test authoring time 95%.

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