Tricentis Tosca

Intelligent test automation

Tricentis Tosca optimizes and accelerates end-to-end testing of your entire digital landscape. Its codeless, AI-powered approach accelerates innovation across your enterprise by taking the bottlenecks out of testing and the risks out of software releases.

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Test automation for the modern enterprise

Digital enterprises connect business processes across diverse applications and technologies, and it all has to work flawlessly. Traditional testing methods are siloed, leaving the door open for integration risks that can derail end-to-end processes. Modern enterprises need modern ways to test across the enterprise.

Tosca de-risks digital initiatives across your enterprise

Tosca covers all your digital initiatives, including moving to the cloud, modernizing core business applications, and delivering exceptional customer experience.


Deliver cloud and custom applications at DevOps speeds

Automate more testing, increase release velocity, and bring teams closer throughout the software development lifecycle.

  • Keep QA and development in sync with native Jira, Jenkins, and GitHub integrations
  • Support Agile, DevOps, and Waterfall workflows to guide transformation across the enterprise
  • Integrate and automate with every part of your DevOps toolchain

Supported Technologies

Complete coverage of your end-to-end business processes

What makes Tosca unique in the market is its breadth of coverage — supporting over 160+ technologies and enterprise applications, ensuring your test automation scales across the enterprise.


All the testing you need, all the time

Tosca covers every flavor and level of testing, from API testing, exploratory testing, mobile testing, to system integration testing, and regression testing. It even supports performance testing through its integration with NeoLoad.


How we do it

Vision AI
Model-based test automation
Risk-based test optimization
Automation recording assistant
Service virtualization
Test data management
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model-based testing
risk based test optimization
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Unified experience for continuous testing

Discover how Tosca combines with the wider Tricentis platform to multiply the automation benefits for all your enterprise initiatives.

“Increasing delivery speed was critical for our business, but we couldn’t get there with manual testing alone. We needed new tools that could help us accelerate testing — to industrialize it.”

Galaad Lepaul

Head of Test Automation

Colas Digital Solutions