Continuous Testing Maturity Assessment

Keep testing transformation on track

Assess your teams’ strengths and weaknesses, define measurable outcomes, create a personalized testing roadmap and track the progress of your transformation journey.


The journey

Testing transformation

Testing transformations are a journey and with all journeys, you need to know where you are, where you want to go, and have a plan on how to get there. The Continuous Testing Maturity Assessment is a GPS that can help guide you through this journey. It was created based on decades of testing experience and hundreds of successful implementations.

The maturity assessment will assess you on essential capabilities required for successful implementation of a testing transformation.

The Continuous Testing Maturity Assessment collection

Which assessment works for you

The Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform accelerates end-to-end testing of all your applications, data and business processes across the digital enterprise

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I’ve been through a couple of these assessments in the past that were much more painful, but gave the same information. Going deep on this stuff can be incredibly expensive – someone coming in and doing a true audit.. and I’ll be honest, I think I’ve got the same amount of value an hour here than spending $50,000 in audits from other companies.

Don Fuller

Engineering Manager