Cloud migration

Deliver cloud-based applications with confidence

A cloud strategy is essential for digital transformation. Tricentis simplifies cloud-based application delivery with the continuous testing platform. Our solution accelerates digital transformation, application delivery, and cloud migration for the enterprise.


Realities of the Cloud

By 2023, over 500 million apps will be delivered via cloud native approaches. By 2025, 72% of users worldwide will access the web only through smart devices. Multiple cloud application types, test frameworks, mobile devices, and the pressure to release faster makes it difficult for any organization to keep up with the pace of cloud initiatives.

The Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform helps organizations to deliver cloud-based apps with confidence by allowing them to:

Adopt cloud-enabled test automation and management
Build cloud-native and mobile apps with quality and speed
Migrate core IT applications and data with confidence

million apps delivered cloud-natively by 2023

% users access web only through smart devices by 2025

Adopt cloud-enabled test automation and test management

Cloud-ready solutions for accelerated delivery cycles — Tricentis provides cloud-native test management deployment with Kubernetes. This means greater security and reduced downtime with lower maintenance and easier, more frequent updates. Tricentis also provides cloud deployment templates for AWS and Azure, allowing you to run tests in the cloud and sooner. In addition, the Tricentis load testing platform is cloud-ready, allowing teams to quickly build the first performance test.

Cloud-native test management

Cloud-native test management

Cloud-based test automation

Cloud-based test automation

Massive scalability testing

Massive scalability testing

Build cloud-native and mobile apps with quality and speed

Cloud-ready solutions for accelerated delivery cycles
83% of enterprise workloads are in the cloud. And with mobile devices as the first option, testing across different devices operating systems and applications can easily become a bottleneck.

Tricentis removes the barriers for cloud and mobile first initiatives with:

  • Improved collaboration, automation, and orchestration within DevOps workflows
  • Easy to use, flexible integration with CI/CD and testing solutions
  • Simple device management for multiple devices and different mobile operating systems
  • Powerful, flexible app testing options for real devices, emulators and simulators that eliminate mobile testing bottlenecks

Migrate core IT applications and data with confidence

When migrating core IT applications to the cloud, it’s essential that you get it right the first time. Whether you are “lifting and shifting” on-prem workloads to the cloud, embarking on a broader modernization program to optimize your business for the cloud, or replacing legacy applications with new SaaS solutions, you need a testing strategy that covers:

  • Impacted applications and integrations
  • End-to-end business processes
  • Data

Tricentis provides a comprehensive migration testing approach for enterprise applications, business processes and data. Our continuous testing platform and services help keep your business running smoothly before, during, and after your migration so you can transition to the cloud with confidence.