Mercedes-Benz Otomotiv

Mercedes-Benz Otomotiv sets new benchmark for SAP BW data integrity

Company overview

Mercedes-Benz’s motto “the best or nothing” applies to everything they do: from extraordinary engineering, to visionary design, to matchless customer service. Following an extensive company-wide digital transformation, achieving these goals is supported by the quality of the underlying data.

With more data being collected through an increasing variety of systems and interfaces, Mercedes-Benz knew that a change was needed to stay ahead of the curve. They were manually reviewing the data being loaded into their SAP BW data bank and checking whether it met expectations.

The forward-thinking leaders at Daimler Global IT Solutions Delivery Center Turkey recognized that automation could dramatically increase the scope and speed of this data inspection. They believed that automation could also expose the risks introduced as developers continuously optimize SAP BW processes that integrate and transform data.


  • Increasing volumes of data being collected across different interfaces and sources
  • Effective service recommendations, upgrade offers, etc. require highly-accurate data
  • Zero tolerance for data loss or corruption upon transfer
  • Sophisticated business rules governing data integration and transformation
  • Advanced SQL and SAP BW expertise required to inspect data in SAP BW
  • Massive data loads had to be inspected
  • With the existing resources, data testing was limited to spot checks
  • Accelerated pace of SAP BW optimizations required automated feedback on change impacts


The company’s IT leaders turned to Tricentis to drive their innovative vision for automated data testing. Using Tricentis Data Integrity, they automatically check new data as soon as it’s loaded into SAP BW—ensuring any issues are identified and addressed before they impact data-driven business processes. Additionally, automated testing gives SAP BW developers near-instant insight on whether their updates introduce unexpected side effects (for example, altering how transformation rules are operating). Ultimately, this helps the company derive more value from their data.

Tricentis’ enterprise-grade solution was the perfect fit for their complex environment, which required testing across SAP GUI, SAP Web (Dynpro/Fiori), as well as web services and database tests. The team, which had no previous test automation experienced, rapidly became power test automation engineers. They designed extremely flexible tests that users can configure and run without any assistance from test automation specialists. For example, users can easily adjust test configurations to cover specific regions, data tables, or environments.


  • Automated data testing integrated into CI/CD pipeline
  • Billions of data columns tested with only ~150 automated test scenarios
  • Hundreds of thousands of data rows checked in just a minute
  • 100-150% lower testing costs with vastly expanded test scope
  • Spot checking replaced by thorough inspection of each data load
  • Automation exposes data issues that human eyes overlook
  • Data problems are identified and addressed upon introduction
  • Increased confidence and speed of SAP BW updates