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Why invest in test automation?

Your customers, partners, and employees depend on your applications and systems. Poor quality impairs your brand, delays service delivery, and restricts top-line growth. Today’s applications and business systems are too dynamic and complex to rely on manual testing. Modern test automation improves application and business process quality, reduces costs, and helps accelerate releases and innovation.



Top challenges with test automation



Slow test authoring

Challenge: Slow authoring delays releases and limits application coverage.


Tricentis Solution: Codeless, AI-powered authoring accelerates authoring and coverage.

Poor environment fit

Challenge: Gaps require manual intervention that can restrict or prolong testing.


Tricentis Solution: Broad support for your apps combined with near limitless code-like flexibility.

High test maintenance

Challenge: Brittle tests increase maintenance overhead and reduce productivity.


Tricentis Solution: Self-healing tests and reusable objects and models minimize maintenance.

Slow troubleshooting

Challenge: Failures without break indicators or diagnostics delay fixes.


Tricentis Solution: Screenshots, videos, step failure indicators and logs accelerate debugging and MTTR.

Fast execution

Challenge: Resource-constrained execution impedes feedback.


Tricentis Solution: Parallel cloud-based or distributed execution focused on risk

Skills match

Challenge: Tool-specific expertise slows onboarding and restricts use.


Tricentis Solution: Low-code, easy-to-use solutions democratize testing and boost productivity.


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