Ensure your customer-facing retail applications perform at all times

Deliver uninterrupted experiences with Tricentis NeoLoad.

Retail solutions with Tricentis NeoLoad

Delight customers with seamless shopping experiences

Today’s consumers are driven by instant gratification and have very low tolerance for any slowdown or even worse, downtime. And no one knows the consequences of customer dissatisfaction better than the retail industry.

On average, users tolerate less than four instances of unreliability before they switch to a competitor. With competitors being just a simple click away, retailers must ensure their e-commerce platforms always deliver uninterrupted, seamless experiences – especially during critical periods such as the holiday season.

Tricentis NeoLoad empowers retailers to validate the performance of their applications so they can remain confident that they will handle the surge in transactions and traffic throughout the peak season.

Mobile digital retail experience


of the customers who trust a brand are more likely to buy again.


of executives highlight apps for mobile shopping in-store as one of their top two areas for development.


of retail practitioners agree that they need to deliver consistent, personalized content to more channels.

Deliver outstanding retail experiences today

Deliver seamless retail experiences

Ensure consistent experiences across all touchpoints. Validate effectiveness of unified retail systems across online, mobile, stores, and service centers.

Optimize transactional speed

Ensure fast web apps and seamless experiences by optimizing transactional speed for network-heavy operations like searches and back-office tasks.

Ensure application resilience

During promotional periods, such as the holiday season, businesses’ systems across all channels face strain. Remain confident in consistent application performance, even amidst peak traffic events.

Streamline inventory management

Ensure accurate inventory data across retail channels to prevent overselling, stockouts, and discrepancies between online and offline systems.

Optimize personalized content delivery

Assess recommendation systems’ efficiency with large datasets. Ensure personalized content is delivered in real time.

Streamlining checkout performance

Maintain checkout speed, address bottlenecks promptly to prevent abandoned carts. Optimize payment gateways, order processing, inventory integration.


Deliver seamless omnichannel retail experiences

Ensure all your systems perform, from inventory management to e-commerce platforms, based on stringent and global real-world scenarios.

  • Broad support for testing advanced protocols such as enterprise packaged applications, databases, and more.
  • Simplify the design and maintenance of performance tests for modern web and cloud-native applications.
  • Provision and use load testing infrastructure automatically, on demand, in any Kubernetes environment.
Digital reporting dashboard for retail solutions

Identify bottlenecks quickly 

Complete visibility, reporting, and analytics let you quickly identify and share performance insights so issues can be fixed early.

  • Automate go/no-go decisions based on SLOs within CI pipelines using test as code, CLI, and CI tools integrations.
  • Accelerate root cause analysis by pushing results onto application performance metrics from Dynatrace, Datadog, and more.
  • Graphical design tool with drag and drop controls accelerates test design creation and maintenance.
Retail performance testing reporting and analytics with Tricentis NeoLoad
Case study

How Abercrombie has achieved successful holiday shopping readiness every year since 2010

With Tricentis NeoLoad, Abercrombie & Fitch has successfully prepared for peak holiday traffic, spikes, and surges every year since 2010.

Key outcomes:

  • 80% reduction in test design and maintenance time
  • 10K orders per hour simulated across 40 eCommerce sites
  • 10X increase in backend traffic capacity