Tricentis Vera™

Modernizing software compliance in Life Sciences

Accelerate critical approval, verification, and compliance management processes while ensuring FDA compliance with Tricentis Vera, a leading solution to enhance Digital Validation. Unlike traditional e-signature and document-centric processes, Vera enhances the software validation process with an approach that is designed for modern Agile and DevOps environments.


More than just electronic signatures

With Tricentis Vera, Digital Validation means more than just applying electronic signatures to shift traditional documents to a computer screen. It means modernizing the Computer Systems Validation process to shed cumbersome, extraneous documentation practices and enabling compliance to be achieved as a byproduct of good software quality practices.


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21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
Central review and approval portal
Tightly integrated with qTest and Jira
Lock records down
Generate auditable electronic records
Compliance designed technical controls
Pre and post-execution approvals for automated tests
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21 CFR part 11 - how we address
approval queue
Replacing documents with digital validation
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Tricentis Tosca test case in Tricentis Vera

Test management

Apply technical controls, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, and configurable review and approval routes for compliance in your designated GxP software projects.

Test automation

Automate your software testing without sacrificing compliance through controlled review/approvals of test and execution results.

Agile management

This tight integration allows Vera to control Jira and qTest data while standardizing approval lifecycles, all without restricting core functionality or requiring customization