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Everything you need. All-in-one mobile testing solution.

Tricentis Mobile solution combines Tricentis Device Cloud, a real device farm, with codeless test automation to help you manage, author, execute and analyze testing on real smartphones and tablets, Apple, Samsung, Google devices, and more at every step of your journey.

Mobile testing solution overview diagram


Mobile testing challenges

Device fragmentation

Challenge: Ensuring consistent functionality across diverse mobile devices is challenging.

Solution: A real device cloud can test mobile app compatibility across smartphones with different screen sizes, resolutions, and hardware.

Poor user experience

Challenge: Mobile users are notorious for quickly abandoning slow-loading content in an app.

Solution: Performance monitoring identifies issues (loading time, CPU, memory, battery) and optimizes mobile user experience.

Pinpointing failure

Challenge: Teams lack comprehensive metrics for quick resolution of mobile app failures.

Solution: Track critical KPIs like blurriness, slow downloads, and network issues to quickly identify and resolve mobile app failure.

Costly infrastructure

Challenge: In-house device labs can cost orgs up to $200-400K/year to maintain.

Solution: Real device farms cut costs significantly, and manage devices for you, simplifying maintenance.

Lack of technical resources

Challenge: 35% of orgs include business users in software testing who often lack coding skills.

Solution: Codeless test automation tools enable contribution from all.

Complex IT requirements

Challenge: Mobile apps touch various backend systems like SAP and Salesforce, yet teams struggle to adopt end-to-end testing.

Solution: Automated testing that supports multiple apps like ERP and CRM systems ensures quality across your entire portfolio.

Harness the power of Mobile AI

The Mobile AI engine uses machine learning technology to process large amounts of data to identify potential issues early before end users notice. It tracks 130+ KPIs like audio-visual quality, network connectivity, and image changes to help application development teams pinpoint bottlenecks and fix issues quickly.

Pinpoint failures in mobile tests quickly

Test on actual smartphones, tablets and more

Choose from a wide range of physical devices from smartphones, tablets, wearables, IoT devices including Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, Huawei, and more.

Multiple variety of mobile phones you can test on

Identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks for your mobile apps

Track critical metrics from blurriness, blockiness, slow downloads, performance across various networks (3G, 4G, 5G), carriers including CPU, memory and battery drainage build after build. This helps you optimize the usability, and responsiveness for a superior mobile app experience.

example performance mobile testing results

Ensure consistency across web, desktop, mobile

Test end-to-end at every layer (desktop, web, API and mobile) to ensure consistency across your business processes. You can also combine mobile tests with enterprise apps like SAP and Salesforce all in the same flow, enabling full coverage of your regression portfolio.

Boost your native, hybrid, web mobile app development

Test native, hybrid, and web applications on iOS and Android devices — including mobile cross-browser testing. You can easily test mobile application compatibility across various operating systems, browsers, and smartphones to ensure optimal performance.

Native mobile testing app examples

Tosca Mobile

For enterprise IT and QA teams who want to deliver high-quality mobile apps across their integrated application landscape.

Testim Mobile

For application development teams who want to speed up Agile delivery for their mobile apps.

Device Cloud

An add-on to Tosca and Testim that helps teams execute and analyze testing for real smartphones and tablets.