Tricentis Tosca Mobile

End-to-end mobile testing

Tricentis Tosca Mobile helps testers integrate mobile testing into their broader testing strategy. With the powerful Tricentis model-based test automation, we help teams rapidly create mobile tests and use them as building blocks for end-to-end test scenarios on native, hybrid apps, or mobile websites on iOS and Android devices.


Buyers' guide for mobile test automation

Researching mobile testing technology? Save time with a handy guide to your options.

Codeless testing for any mobile application

Tricentis Tosca lets you create mobile tests in the same way that you create UI and API tests — just drag and drop. You gain the power of Appium, the industry-standard mobile testing tool, without having to deal with Appium’s technical complexity. No complex setup or scripting is required.

Tricentis Tosca Mobile - Mobile application test case

Test real smartphones and tablets with Tricentis Device Cloud

Tosca Mobile combined with Tricentis Device Cloud is an all-in-one mobile testing solution that allows you to test native, hybrid, and web mobile apps across real iPhone, Android, smartphone, and tablet devices. You can create, execute, and analyze mobile testing on private or public clouds, and ensure compatibility with various operating systems, browsers, and device combinations.

All-in-one mobile testing solution with Tricentis Tosca Mobile and Tricentis Device Cloud

Simplify device connectivity with Tricentis Mobile Agent

With the Tricentis Mobile Agent, you can simplify connection to the latest versions of Android and iOS devices so that you can test mobile faster without the hassle of device setup.

You don’t have to worry about installing Appium, Java components, or configuring any environmental variables – Tricentis Mobile Agent does that for you. Simply connect your device directly with a USB cable or connect to an emulator, simulator, or even a real remote device.

You can even test iOS and Android devices across various operating systems from Windows, Mac, and Linux, removing configuration bottlenecks.

Tricentis Mobile Agent dashboard and device management screens

Ensure end-to-end consistency across web, desktop, and mobile

You can test mobile applications end-to-end combining enterprise apps like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and more in the same flow. This enables full coverage of your business processes and a single point of maintenance for your regression portfolio.

The powerful combination of Tosca Mobile with Device Cloud covers functional, performance, and user experience testing to help enterprise teams deliver flawless mobile experiences across their entire IT landscape.

Tricentis Tosca Commander screen - Mobile app demo