Intelligent test automation

Codeless test automation powered by Vision AI optimizes and accelerates end-to-end testing of all your applications.

Mobile end-to-end

Experience end-to-end mobile testing with execution on real smartphones and tablets, helping enterprise teams deliver flawless mobile apps across their IT landscape.

Load & performance testing

Simple and scalable performance testing for everything from APIs and microservices to end-to-end application testing.

Test management and analytics

Centralized test management to streamline, orchestrate, and scale testing across your business.

Customer-facing apps

Quickly create highly resilient UI tests for your custom web or mobile apps. The AI-powered SaaS platform helps Agile teams accelerate quality releases.

Native mobile testing

SaaS-based automation for native mobile apps with cloud execution against real smartphones and tablets helps Agile teams deliver seamless mobile applications.

Data integrity testing

Automated end-to-end data integrity testing that works across your data landscape to prevent costly data migration, integration, and reporting issues.

Change intelligence solution for SAP

LiveCompare is powered by Risk AI and ensures you always know exactly what to test to de-risk SAP changes.

Test Salesforce early, often, and effectively

Test automation designed for those who live and breathe Salesforce every day to increase development cadence, accelerate release preparedness, and reduce the backlog.

Digital Validation for Life Sciences

Digital validation for life sciences organizations to accelerate critical approval, verification, and compliance management processes.

Test management inside Jira

Help QA and development teams collaborate to drive quality throughout the entire lifecycle with a scalable, easy-to-use test management application inside Jira.

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