Tricentis for telecom companies

As telecoms reinvent themselves as today’s technology and digital services providers, the ability to deliver innovative applications fast is separating the leaders from the laggards. Applications don’t just power the underlying infrastructure. They’re also key for ensuring that customers have the personalized, frictionless experiences that make the difference between loyalty and lost business. How are leading telecoms transforming their business at staggering speed without introducing risk into an always-on business?

Leading testing for telecommunications

Automate end-to-end testing across legacy and modern applications

Telecom application landscapes include modern and legacy technologies—ranging from packaged applications (e.g., SAP, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Snowflake, Oracle) to mainframes and custom applications, to APIs, microservices, and mobile/cloud-native apps. With all these different components evolving simultaneously, how do you ensure that applications consistently meet stakeholder, regulator, and user expectations?

Tricentis simplifies end-to-end test automation. With our native support for more than 160 applications and technologies, telecoms can achieve resilient, end-to-end test automation across any architecture or application stack. Tricentis can even test extremely new/old/specialized technologies as well as remote applications (Citrix, VMware, etc.) accessed in secure and regulated environments. A single end-to-end test can cross any number of technologies to exercise and validate all aspects of a realistic business process.


Testing resources for telecommunications

Centralize test management and reporting

Large established organizations like today’s telecom leaders commonly rely on a variety of tools to develop and test software. Individual teams love this autonomy. However, it impedes cross-team collaboration and reuse while making it difficult to gain a clear, accurate assessment of overall release readiness.

Tricentis centralizes test management, execution, and reporting to increase collaboration, efficiency, and accuracy. Results from commercial, open source, and custom/home-grown testing tools are analyzed and visualized in custom dashboards within your reporting platform of choice. Real-time integration with Jira and other tools provides full requirements traceability. Plan, manage, and track testing activities across all your interconnected projects, tools, technologies, and teams.

“Not only do we find bugs earlier, we now have a way to continuously check application quality, and to make smart release decisions based on the state of our application. We used to release quarterly, but now we’re able to release monthly.”

Christian Fischel

Head of Release and Change Management

A1 Telekom

Data integrity

Ensure accurate decision-making and regulatory reporting with end-to-end data integrity testing

Modern telecom companies are being scrutinized and monitored like never before. At the same time, they’re also facing a data explosion like never before. This data is the product of continuous ingestions from disparate data sources, followed by countless integrations, transformations, and migrations. A slight discrepancy at any step typically remains unnoticed until it impacts the business. At that point, it’s extremely difficult to diagnose and fix.

Tricentis Data Integrity provides a powerful way to eliminate data integrity issues before they do any damage or catch the eye of regulators. Our end-to-end automation covers everything from the integrity of the data fed into your system, to the accuracy of integrations, transformations, and migrations, to the verification of report logic and presentation.

Performance testing

Realize enterprise performance testing at scale and speed

Tech companies move at warp speed. No other industry goes to market faster with innovative new services and shorter development/delivery cycles. Yet releasing faster doesn’t matter if performance is buggy or slow, or the app can’t scale. Unfortunately, in today’s complex, heterogeneous environments, performance testing has all too often become a bottleneck.

Tricentis NeoLoad accelerates performance testing to keep pace with the volume, velocity, and variety of today’s software releases. Natively architected to meet the reality of today’s enterprise testing environment — a mix of performance experts and non-experts alike, both centralized and autonomous teams, packaged enterprise applications, and microservices — NeoLoad lets you scale performance testing across the entire organization with a single, standardized platform.