A1 Telekom

How Austria’s largest telecom adds continuous speed with continuous testing

Company overview

As a member of Telekom Austria Group—the largest telecommunications provider in all of Central and Eastern Europe—A1 Telekom generates more than 60% of the total revenue for their parent organization.

With their long history in this industry, A1 Telekom depends heavily on legacy systems to keep their core business running, but these same systems come with a number of common challenges in the enterprise. Trying to support 200 projects distributed across 60 critical systems with manual testing alone resulted in more than 10,000 tests performed annually, and only 3 to 4 major releases a year.

A1 Telekom knew that transforming their approach to testing and software quality was required in order to deploy new features faster and avoid disruption. Manual testing simply could not give their organization the fast feedback and greater confidence in their releases that they needed, nor would it allow for A1 Telekom to reduce their overall testing costs.

Telecom server room

Key quality goals

Relying on manual testing to support today’s demands for speed and quality presents a number of challenges in the enterprise—especially around integrations between net-new applications and legacy systems.

  • Improve software quality and measurement
  • Accelerate new feature releases
  • Improve software integration
  • Earlier test results/fast feedback
  • Reduce critical defects
  • Reduce overall testing costs

A collaborative solution

A1 Telekom understood that remaining the leader in their industry would require making consistent improvements to software speed and quality, and that Continuous Testing is how this is achieved. Tricentis, Qualysoft, and Wipro leveraged their close partnership to give A1 Telekom the solid foundation they needed to begin this transformation.

While scaling automation rates is a priority for many enterprises, this can be incredibly complex, especially when longstanding integrations between mainframes, systems of record, mobile, and cloud resources exist. Tricentis, Qualysoft, and Wipro quickly discovered that service virtualization would be the key enabler for A1 Telekom to successfully scale their automation—given the interconnected complexity of their application landscape.

  • Arrow IconWent from 3 to 4-month cycles to monthly releases of new features to support needs of the business
  • Arrow IconIdentifying and resolving errors earlier in the SDLC and before production. Increasing automation rates with each release.
  • Arrow IconFull quality transparency is made available on a dashboard for fast, detailed feedback on unit, system, sanity, integration, interface, and end-to-end test results