Lead the pace of change with Tricentis AI-powered quality engineering solutions

Modern enterprises are complex mazes of integrated systems, custom software, and third-party apps where defects easily can go unnoticed. Tricentis offers next-generation AI test automation tools to help accelerate your app modernization, enhance productivity, and drive your business forward with greater efficiency and superior quality.

Introducing Tricentis Copilot

Discover our Tricentis Copilot, solutions powered by advanced generative AI capabilities that help QA and development teams boost productivity across the entire testing lifecycle.


Survival of the fastest

Adaptation is the law of tomorrow. From modernizing complex legacy applications to constant changes, business is moving quickly. Can you keep up?


Explore how Tricentis AI-powered quality engineering solutions can help you master the law of tomorrow, today.

Sluggish innovation

Tricentis AI solutions empower CIOs to accelerate IT transformations, cutting costs and boosting initiative speeds, all while driving revenue growth.

Complex digital landscape

Our AI solutions enable end-to-end testing across web, mobile, and desktop, empowering innovative app delivery in complex, interconnected IT landscapes.

High costs

Slash manual effort and costs by using Tricentis AI-powered solutions that automate repetitive tasks, boost test coverage, and rapidly pinpoint defects. Empower your testers with more time for creativity.

Pioneering AI and the future of quality automation

Long before AI became a tech buzzword, we were already harnessing its power at Tricentis. Our focus? Investing in AI where it truly makes a difference, beyond the hype. Quality isn’t just a feature for us, it’s embedded in our DNA. We skillfully combine machine learning, smart algorithms, and generative AI into our products, extending into autonomous AI to enhance efficiency across all testing phases.

Infographic across autonomous AI, Generative AI, and Machine learning

Use cases

Don’t just keep up with innovation – define it

Modernize your enterprise applications with confidence using our AI-powered test automation solutions. They reduce risk in upgrades and updates, streamline custom app delivery, and speed up ERP cloud migrations. Transform into an Agile, future-ready enterprise, ensuring successful IT project delivery with business assurance.

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AI is not a replacement, but a catalyst to human productivity

Rather than replacing testers, AI will partner with QA in a symbiotic relationship, boosting overall productivity. AI will redefine QA roles, demanding new skillsets while opening avenues for more strategic and creative contributions. The future of QA is a synergistic blend of human ingenuity with AI efficiency.

Synergistic blend of human and AI efficiency


Where we apply AI

Vision AI
Self-healing AI
Risk AI
Gen AI test generation
Help assistant
Mobile AI
ML-based locators
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Tricentis Tosca powered by Vision AI
Tricentis Device Cloud's Mobile AI engine
Gen AI test generation
Tricentis Testim Help Assistant
Tricentis Device Cloud's Mobile AI engine
Tricentis Testim ML-based locators

Responsible and trusted AI

We are committed to ethical AI practices, developing and deploying our AI solutions based on a firm set of principles from data privacy, continuous improvement and accessible design. Under the guidance of our Tricentis AI Trust Layer, our stringent data governance policies secures data, increases quality and accuracy, and ensures the correctness of the AI models.

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