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The case for test management

Test management is the foundation of your team’s QA and testing operations, connecting teams, tools, and tests across your business for faster feedback loops. The right tool does more than streamline test case management – it ensures trusted traceability out of the box, from requirements to production, so you can improve quality and accelerate delivery. It also orchestrates automated testing, ensures visibility into CI/CD pipelines, and provides real-time reporting and full-cycle visibility for any project, across the business, for any stakeholder.



Challenges with test management



Dev/QA alignment

Challenge: Disconnects between teams delays test cycles and increases risk


Tricentis Solution: Tight integrations with Jira, Azure Boards, Rally, and more keep teams in sync

Test case management

Challenge: Tracking test cases, and ensuring their governance takes time and effort


Tricentis solution: Centralize test cases in one place for your team, manage approvals, and track changes with a dedicated solution

Tooling integrations

Challenge: Teams need a view of testing across many dev, test, and delivery tools


Tricentis solution: Out-of-the-box integrations with common test automation and CI/CD tools, plus integration with any tool


Challenge: Tracking test environments to test the right thing, in the right place


Tricentis solution: Comes with test run configurations to manage the environments in which tests are running

Orchestration and automation

Challenge: Running automated testing in the right order, in the right place, to speed up test and delivery


Tricentis solution: Built-in test orchestration, plus custom event-driven workflows, and visibility into CI/CD pipeline


Challenge: Visual summary of testing to make confident release decisions and continually improve


Tricentis solution: Powerful, customizable, and flexible reporting, easily shared with stakeholders from every team

Tricentis Test Management for Jira

Centralized test management for Agile QA and development teams collaborating inside Jira (available for Jira Cloud).

qTest Pro

Scalable, centralized test management, with built-in reporting on testing across the business.

qTest Enterprise

Full-cycle, cross-project test operations, with advanced test automation management, DevOps workflows, and reporting.

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