Migrate from Micro Focus

Ditch legacy testing tools, and make the switch to Tricentis

For years Micro Focus (formerly HP) was the go-to solution for testing software. Today, not so much. Its legacy platform was built for yesterday’s software development environment — and simply can’t keep pace with today’s Agile development and delivery cycles.


Realities of the Cloud

By 2023, over 500 million apps will be delivered via cloud native approaches. By 2025, 72% of users worldwide will access the web only through smart devices. Multiple cloud application types, test frameworks, mobile devices, and the pressure to release faster makes it difficult for any organization to keep up with the pace of cloud initiatives.

The Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform helps organizations to deliver cloud-based apps with confidence by allowing them to:

Adopt cloud-enabled test automation and management
Build cloud-native and mobile apps with quality and speed
Migrate core IT applications and data with confidence

million apps delivered cloud-natively by 2023

% users access web only through smart devices by 2025

Tricentis gets it; Micro Focus doesn’t.

Whether you run applications on-premises or in the cloud, you need a continuous testing platform that meets you where you are and helps your business evolve to meet evolving expectations.

Tricentis offers a fundamentally different way to tackle enterprise software testing — one that is automated, fully codeless, and intelligently driven by AI. When you compare it to Micro Focus, it looks even more robust.

The Tricentis continuous testing platform was designed to help organizations:

1. Modernize testing across enterprise packaged applications

Tricentis has out-of-the-box support for more than 160 applications and technologies. We’re even SAP’s preferred partner for end-to-end testing. We provide an app-native continuous test automation solution for ServiceNow, built on the NOW platform.

2. Empower broader teams in QA and testing

Tricentis enables your distributed DevOps teams to integrate, automate, and orchestrate self-service testing with their existing toolchain. The Tricentis low- and no-code approach, high degree of automation, and native integration with your entire toolchain eliminates traditional bottlenecks by making it easy for even non-experts to do more QA and testing themselves.

3. Shift to cloud-centric IT

As you seek to optimize performance, your teams are embracing cloud development to produce better scalable applications. Tricentis lets you compare performance to baselines and provides actionable insights across all layers of the cloud. You can optimize your cloud infrastructure, make the best use of cloud elasticity for testing, and build continuous performance testing within the software delivery process.

Micro Focus UFT Migration

Replace UFT with Tosca

Digital businesses are moving to embrace a modern, cloud-native environment. This environment often forms the cornerstone of an enterprise digital transformation, serving as a digital core that connects to applications and ecosystems across the business. To ensure that these complex integrations are working right — and that business won’t be interrupted when you make updates — you must perform rigorous testing.

Because the codeless, model-based approach of Tricentis Tosca differs greatly from the heavy scripting aspects of Micro Focus UFT, Tricentis doesn’t offer a migration utility. Instead, Tricentis provides an overall migration strategy that is much more efficient because it enables you to build tests based on a new and modern paradigm rather than on the outdated legacy script-based approach.

Micro Focus ALM/QC Migration

Replace ALM/QC with qTest

Out with old…

If you’re serious about speeding up your software delivery cycles, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll need to transition to a modern test management solution like Tricentis qTest. qTest eliminates the ALM/QC headaches and allows organizations to automate more, increase release velocity, and bring teams closer throughout the software development lifecycle on a unified test management platform.

…in with the new

qTest supports Agile, DevOps, and waterfall workflows to guide transformation across the enterprise. It keeps QA and development in sync with native DevOps tool integrations, including Jira, Jenkins, and GitHub. qTest orchestrates continuous testing in CI/CD pipelines, providing true integration and automation with every part of the DevOps toolchain.

Micro Focus LoadRunner Migration

Replace LoadRunner with NeoLoad

Enterprise-ready, cloud-ready, DevOps-ready

If you’ve been relying on LoadRunner as your go-to performance testing tool for several years, you’ve probably discovered by now that it can’t keep pace with the shift to continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Tricentis NeoLoad provides modern performance testing from monolithic and packaged apps to microservices. NeoLoad simplifies performance testing so that all teams along the SDLC can take a standardized approach to keep pace with the volume, velocity, and variety of today’s performance testing needs.