Oracle enterprise application testing

Deliver releases faster while reducing change risk

  • Streamline testing across Oracle On-Premises and Oracle Cloud Applications
  • Automate testing across every Oracle Application
  • Scale and optimize load testing to prevent excessive spending
Oracle testing overview image showing statistics about faster releases, better risk coverage, lower cost and better test automation rates


Tricentis partners with
Oracle Application customers to offer best-in-class test automation tools to Oracle customers. 


Quote about a case study where a bank was able to deliver faster.

Testing for every Oracle Application and environment

Quality engineering made for Oracle Applications, with built-in engines for Java, E-Business Suite (EBS), and Cloud, can help teams reduce risk and accelerate delivery across Oracle Applications.

What to test?

Oracle test automation for every scenario

Modernize Oracle Applications with a powerful end-to-end test automation solution that works across on-premises and cloud applications and business processes. It’s codeless and model-based, so you can maximize coverage with minimal maintenance.

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Does it work?

Complete and continuous data testing

Verify your data as it’s migrated, as well as on its day-to-day journeys from source systems to its final destination, helping you catch data errors before they become costly downstream issues.

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Does it scale?

Robust performance testing

Codeless performance testing allows teams to optimize your spend on Oracle Database licenses and hardware, while ensuring your Oracle Applications perform as expected during peak demand.

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Is it ready?

Unparalleled unified test management

Streamline test management with centralized testing activities and improve communication between developers, testers, and product owners, to help you release Oracle Application updates faster and more confidently.

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