AI-powered quality keeping your Oracle On-Premises Applications up to date

With Oracle On-Premises Applications like Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), and JD Edwards on Oracle Premier Support, it’s critical to stay up to date with the latest supported versions and patches.

Reduce the hassle of testing Oracle On-Premises Applications

By using AI, the Tricentis platform delivers codeless Oracle On-Premises Application test automation that doesn’t require development time to create or maintain. Best of all, the automation you create now can be re-used when you migrate to Oracle Cloud Applications. This will accelerate quality feedback loops and reduce effort for user acceptance testing.

Tosca main dashboard

Test management and orchestration

Ensure your developers, testers, and business users stay aligned on quality objectives before, during, and after the migration. Tricentis qTest allows you to monitor several workstreams and surrounding development activities as your Oracle On-Premises Application is migrated to the cloud.

test management screenshots of qTest

Tricentis solves key pain points in maintaining legacy applications and preparing for migration

Getting to supported version of the application faster and maintaining patching to avoid risk

Tosca’s codeless test automation doesn’t require development time to achieve automated functional or performance testing.

Overspending on licenses for on-premises Oracle databases

Increase performance testing to ensure proper sizing to optimize database and hardware costs with Tricentis NeoLoad.

Preserving the accuracy of data migrating

Tricentis Data Integrity provides continuous, end-to-end data integrity testing that confirms data is accurate as it is transformed and migrated between Oracle On-Premises and Oracle Cloud Applications and databases.

Monitoring several workstreams and surrounding development activities during Cloud migration

Tricentis qTest improves communication between developers, testers, and business users around application quality.

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