Migrate to Oracle Cloud (Fusion) with speed and confidence

The Tricentis AI-powered platform ensures your business stays running smoothly as you migrate your Oracle On-Premises Application and data to the cloud.

Business process testing

End-to-end business processes testing across your on-premises and cloud applications ensure your migrations do not disrupt business as you go.

Powered by AI, the Tricentis platform helps reduce business risk while moving functionality from Oracle On-Premises Application to Oracle Cloud Applications.

Test management and orchestration

Ensure your developers, testers, and business users stay aligned on quality objectives before, during, and after the migration. Tricentis qTest allows you to monitor several workstreams and surrounding development activities as your Oracle On-Premises Application is migrated to the cloud.

Data integrity testing

Preserving the accuracy of data migrating from on-premises to the cloud is crucial for security and data validation. You need to be able to verify the accuracy of your data as it is transformed and migrated from on-premises to the cloud. Tricentis Data Integrity helps validate your data and ensures your data remains intact as you modernize your data infrastructure.

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