Tricentis Tosca cloud deployment

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Tricentis Tosca is now available as SaaS to speed onboarding, grow test coverage, minimize maintenance, and scale test automation. Test your cloud apps where they live with Tricentis Tosca deployed in the cloud.

Tricentis Tosca in the cloud

Leverage the power of SaaS

Transform your testing process with a SaaS solution that enables instant access and eliminates the need for dedicated hardware and IT support, reducing the overall burden on your organization.

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Model-based testing in the cloud

Tosca’s model-based testing deconstructs your application into models that become the building blocks for your test cases. They make object identification clear and unique. You can insert variables and recall them later for verification. Most importantly, you can build a library of test steps and blocks that can be reused across multiple test cases.

If your application changes (e.g., a field is added or removed), you simply update the module once, and that change is automatically synchronized across all your impacted test cases, saving you hours of manual effort.

How model-based testing works

Execute rapidly - at cloud scale

Run tests anywhere, anytime, from everywhere. With Tosca’s cloud based execution engine, you can test faster and at scale by running multiple tests in parallel across distributed cloud infrastructures.

Increase environment testability

End-to-end test automation can be difficult when environments have unstable, unavailable, or costly API dependencies. Build and deploy intelligent simulated API responses to reduce the costs associated with evolving microservices and to accelerate testing cycles.


How we do it

Model-based testing
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API testing
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