Verify qTest Launch Permissions

Before we start creating and running automated tests, let’s figure out how to get access to qTest Launch. First, go to the Nine Box and view if you have qTest Launch permissions. If you do not have permissions, you’ll need to contact your site administrator for access. Since I’m also a qTest site admin, I’ll show you how to do this.

Add User Permissions

Go to the User Profile section and then either edit a site admin profile or create a new site admin profile for qTest Launch access. In this example, we’re going to create a new qTest site admin profile for a qTest Launch user. I’ll go ahead and select which admin profile access levels I want that user to have, and then I’ll select qTest Launch access in the client qTest Launch section.

Assign Site Admin Profile

Once I save this, I’ll then take the site admin profile and assign it in the Licenses and User section. Under the Licenses and User Area, filter by the users you want to create qTest Launch access. In the Admin Profile section, you can then choose which site admin user type you like. In this example, we’re using qTest Launch user type.

Once I save the profile, I’ll refresh my screen and I should have access to qTest Launch.