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How to Import Test Cases from Excel with qTest Manager

How to Import Test Cases (Excel). Import Test Case Types from Excel

qTest supports the importation of Excel formatted test cases.

Before we show an import example, lets go over a few best practices.

First – Verify which Test Case fields are required for your project. Test Case Name will always be required, But if you have other required fields, such as Type, you will need to have a column for this field during importation. Also, make sure that all required fields contain the same values within qTest.

Next – If you have additional test case property fields, make sure you have added this custom field in your projects field settings before the upload.

In the field settings, you can see we added a “New Value” for Type Field and added a custom field type so importation runs smoothly.

Lastly – The excel sheet name will determine if you want to import into a new folder or an existing folder. For uploading to an existing folder, you will need to use the MD-# and the Folder name. You can find the MD – # next to the folder name.

Select the Project level icon and click the import wizard. upload you excel sheet, then
then start mapping your columns with the qTest Field names.

Don’t forget, you can always review the sample import template review before you get started.

NOTE: On initial upload, do not map to the test case ID, qTest will auto generate these values. If you want to upload changes to existing test cases in the future, this value will be used for mapping.

Here you can see our newly created folder with our uploaded test cases and the test cases we imported into our existing folder.

Now you’re ready to start managing your test cases in structured repositories.