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Industry leaders choose Tricentis

“As a CIO, you do not want to be the bottleneck that’s slowing everything down. This means that you have to address testing and ensure it advances your digital transformation initiatives rather than holds them back.”

—Jennifer Sepull, CDO Air New Zealand

“I have more automation in my coffee maker than most enterprises have in their testing processes. This [lack of automation] is not only expensive; it also holds back innovation.”

—Clark Golestani, previously Merck President of Emerging Businesses and Global CIO, presently the Managing Director of C Sensei Group

“We cannot have people spending their time on software testing tasks that can and should be automated. There is much higher-level work to do. We need future-oriented staff, and we can’t afford to make them suffer by asking them to do needless manual testing.”

— Andreas Kranabitl, CIO SPAR

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