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Performance Advisory Council sessions

Welcome to the Performance Advisory Council (PAC) – a dynamic initiative launched in 2017 with the mission to foster collaboration among global experts and facilitate the exchange of valuable content. This platform serves as a cornerstone for Tricentis, propelling us as thought leaders in load and performance testing. Over the years, our international panel of experts has delved into the theme of continuous performance discussing experiences, methods, and challenges, offering insights that benefit performance experts worldwide.


PAC sessions are a glimpse into the future of performance testing and engineering. Be part of the #PAC Community and stay at the forefront of industry advancements!


“The Performance Advisory Council creates a space where performance experts can share ideas and insights with each other. We’re all about making this valuable conversation easy for everyone to be a part of!” — Bryan Cole, Director of Customer Engineering

Bryan Cole, PAC coordinator, Tricentis

Performance Advisory Council

2023 sessions

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Adventures in CPE
Alan Gordon
Continuous performance requires changes
Alex Podelko
Early performance engineering
James Pully

Open discussion about AI
Bryan Cole
Talking performance engineering
Daniel Murillo

Using eBPF metrics
Scott Moore
Trends in performance engineering
Bryan Cole

Using eBPF to ensure Kubernetes health

Using AI to optimize Kubernetes and meet SLOs

Automating performance test results analysis

Panel: Customer journeys

Creating a virtuous cycle in performance testing

Performance value: The benefits of performance testing

Performance testing the modern web

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Past PAC speakers

  • Scott Moore, Head of Consulting, Scott Moor Consulting
  • Henrik Rexed, Cloud Native Advocate, Dynatrace
  • Joey Hendricks, Performance Engineer, APG
  • Stuart Moncrieff, Consultant, MyLoadTest
  • David Daly, Staff Engineer, MongoDB Inc
  • Leandro Melendez – Señor Performo, Manager-Podcaster, Qualitest-PerfBytes
  • Petar Puskarich, Vice President, Performance Engineer, Manager, Global Financial Institution
  • Brian K. Copeland, Executive Director, Solutions & Sales Enablement, TEKsystems Global Services
  • Stefano Doni, CTO, Akamas
  • Mark Tomlinson, Podcast Founder & Host, PerfBytes
  • James Pulley, Podcast Program Co-host, PerfBytes
Past PAC speakers