Enterprise Application Testing

Support Your Entire Insurance Lifecycle with Guidewire Testing

Tricentis Tosca helps enterprises plan, construct, stabilize, and execute resilient automated regression tests for Guidewire InsurancePlatform.


Guidewire Testing

Model-Based Approach for Guidewire Testing

Tricentis MBTA (Model-based Test Automation) reduces Guidewire test maintenance by 65% and reduces the time to automate business lines in a matter of weeks instead of months.

MBTA - Guidewire Test Automation

Jump Start Test Automation

Tricentis Guidewire Technology Packs are delivered ‘code-as-is’ that can instantly jump start your Guidewire test automation.


Expansive Object Support

Tricentis Tosca’s model-based steering covers over 40+ Guidewire widgets that are hard to identify for resilient test automation.


Simplify End-to-End Testing

Use a single solution to test across Guidewire InsurancePlatform, APIs, web GUIs, mobile, mainframe, and more – with service virtualization and test data management to stabilize test automation.

#1 in End-to-End Testing for Guidewire

Guidewire’s ecosystem can be highly distributed and interconnected. To truly protect the user experience as all the systems evolve in parallel, it’s critical to test complete end-to-end business process, which may span multiple application types and components.

Gartner’s Critical Capabilities (released December 2018) named Tricentis #1 for “Enterprise End-to-End Testing.”