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Enterprise Application Testing

Automate regression testing for Workday

As a market leader in Workday testing, Tricentis provides innovative solutions to Workday customers worldwide. Tricentis testing solutions enable you to scale testing across Workday’s Finance, HR, Planning, and Analytics Solutions.

End-to-end testing within Workday and beyond

Tricentis Tosca’s no-code/low-code solution empowers business users to design and execute resilient testing across Workday and their broader E2E application landscape. Tosca is critical in transforming organizations from manual testing to automated regression testing to ensure that Workday functionality works flawlessly, especially through major releases, internal workflow configurations & critical business scenarios. Go even further with Tricentis Data Integrity, which helps ensure consistency through data testing across your application and any integrated technologies.

  • Empower business users to test across Workday and E2E applications on the UI, API, and database layers
  • Testing across legacy to modern applications: Ranging from mainframe to mobile testing
  • Data testing, validation and reconciliation across Workday and other integrated technologies to ensure consistent data for your business needs
  • Provide test data management, test case design & risk-based testing
  • PDFs and reports for audit trails and traceability including screenshots of test steps and executions
  • Repeatable and reusable regression testing functionality
  • Reporting for executive visibility and insight
Diagram for how Workday test cases and test automation processes connect

Low-code testing

Maximize test reuse and free testers from having to write and maintain code simply to test other code.


Enable citizen testers

Involve more business-focused domain experts in the testing process.


Reduce risk

Ensure that rapid low-code development delivers the customer experience that the business expects.

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