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Data validation for cloud migration: Best practices for data testing, data reconciliation, and data comparison

The need to move data quickly and efficiently to the cloud is becoming a critical IT priority. As the volume and variety of data increases, organizations will need to adopt strategies for maintaining data integrity throughout these complex, evolving, and often multi-cloud environments. Testing is a critical, but often overlooked, element of any successful data migration.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss what role testing should play in your data migration, and how the right approach can help you mitigate risks and stay on schedule. Register for this webinar to learn:

  • The importance of moving data quickly and efficiently to the cloud – and how the right testing strategy can help
  • Best practices for accelerating the extensive data validation and reconciliation that is required during cloud migration
  • How applying these best practices can ensure data maintains consistent integrity and reporting tools continue to operate seamlessly

The product featured in this webinar is Tricentis Data Integrity. Watch a 5-min overview and request a demo to learn more.

Event details
  • When:September 10, 2024
  • Where:Online / Virtual