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Advice from a top pharmaceutical org: How CSA is changing the game for Agile teams in health and life sciences

We face risk constantly – even choosing what to eat for breakfast carries risk. Do you choose eggs/meat, which suits keto diets, but can drive toward potential cholesterol increase?

In reviewing your test validation, there’s vastly more risk as software systems continue to increase in complexity in scale. Ensuring 100% validation coverage is a nigh-impossible task, but choosing which systems to prioritize validation scrutiny can be challenging, too. That’s where the concept of Computer Systems Assurance (CSA) comes in!

Register for this webinar to learn how a top pharmaceutical organization took this FDA-recommended strategy in refining their validation strategy, as well as:

  • How CSA can drive team-wide transformation in validation coverage and confidence
  • Where the company began their journey with CSA and their steps along the way
  • How to shift away from document-centric validation and towards risk-based validation


  • James Northup, Enterprise Account Executive
  • David Meeks, Associate Director of IT Compliance, Otsuka Pharmaceutical

The product featured in this webinar is Tricentis Vera™.  Watch a 5-min overview and request a demo to learn more.

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  • When:December 6, 2023
  • Where:Online / Virtual