A Leader’s Perspective: Interpreting the Latest Software Test Automation Analyst Research

The world of testing is changing, and more than ever, business success demands a shift to continuous quality. At Tricentis, we’ve been a part of that transition for years. Software quality has always been a differentiator for top enterprises, but not all business leaders have realized it — until now. Integrating testing across agile and DevOps toolchains is shifting from a key priority for application leaders to a key priority of the entire C-suite. In this webinar, we’ll share Tricentis’ perspective on the results of the latest analyst research, which highlights these trends and the growing test automation imperative.

Join the webinar to learn:


How Tricentis helps Global 2000 enterprises meet the challenges of reinventing testing for agile and DevOps


Why today's environment demands a toolset with broad testing functionality that can support complex scenarios across customer-facing and enterprise applications


The key Tricentis innovations that our customers are using to transform testing for agile, quickly scale test automation and more