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How Telia is modernizing performance testing with Tricentis NeoLoad

Date: December 01, 2022 | Region: APAC | Time: 1 p.m. SST

The research is out. Slow applications are the number one reason for site and application abandonment. If a page doesn’t load within 4 seconds, you lose customers, employee participation, and brand value. Worse, traditional performance testing isn’t good at catching the culprits: performance bottlenecks. By spending less time creating, maintaining, and deciphering tests and results, you can spend more time identifying root causes and fixing issues.

In this webinar, Johan Thunberg, QA Manager at Telia, will share how is team significantly reduced go-to-market time and improved application performance with Tricentis NeoLoad.

Register for the webinar to learn:

  • Why Telia replaced LoadRunner with NeoLoad
  • How they evaluated various performance testing solutions
  • How implementing a modern approach led to significant ROI
  • The key NeoLoad features that enable Telia to improve testing speed and application performance
Event details
  • When:From December 1, 2022 to December 1, 2022
  • Where:Online / Virtual