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Oracle test automation 101: Q&A with the experts

How can Oracle teams navigate the shifting sands of IT transformation? What efficiencies can they gain by introducing test automation? What does the rise of the term ‘no-code’ mean for Oracle testing strategies? Who should be at the helm of this transformative journey, and how can they get the team on board?

These are just a few of the questions our Oracle experts will answer in this webinar. They’ll offer a primer on Oracle test automation, including:

  • What an updated test strategy should look like
  • How to accomplish quality within shorter release timelines
  • Tips for testing customizations and integrations

Listen in as they share their secrets to enhancing quality and outline a roadmap for mastering the art of Oracle testing in the digital age.


  • Will Berry, Senior Director, Business Development 
  • Tim Leigh, Partner Solution Architect 

The solution featured in this webinar is Tricentis Oracle testing solution. Watch a 5-min overview and request a demo to learn more.

Event details
  • When:December 7, 2023
  • Where:Online / Virtual