Functional Testing

In today’s fast-paced economy, enterprises are adopting agile and <a href=””>DevOps</a> methodology to meet their time-to-market needs and the continual demand for customer satisfaction. Tricentis Tosca delivers performance improvement in testing efficiency by a factor of 10, in comparison to traditional manual or script based testing solutions, while providing functional testing tools that help reduce business-related risks while optimizing cost and efficiency.

Risk Coverage Optimization

Reducing the number of your testcases while minimizing maintenance efforts by effectively defining your testcases.

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Tricentis Tosca’s Exploratory Testing Assistant ensures that your functional testing is more productive at the end of the day.

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API Testing
Automation 101

Learn how easy it is to create API tests with Tricentis Tosca and how to enable also non-technical testers to test APIs.

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Let Tosca do the Work for You

Tosca Recorder records and creates automated test cases in a flash! The best part of Tricentis Tosca is that it automatically recognizes previously-recorded controls and re-uses your test assets, meaning you always have redundancy-free test cases.

Testing Across Devices

When breaking into the mobile market, testing complexity and costs can compound so quickly that a high degree of test automation is required for success. Using Tricentis Tosca’s model-based test automation approach, mobile app developers are able to achieve automation and risk coverage rates of over 90%.