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Tricentis Tosca helps financial institutions plan, construct, stabilize, and execute resilient automated regression tests for Avoloq Banking Suite. Simplify Avoloq testing and ensure that Avoloq functionality works flawlessly in the context of complete (end-to-end) business transactions.

Get started with scriptless test automation for Avaloq

Learn how Tricentis Tosca achieves unprecedented levels of test automation


Avaloq Automation

Automatically discover all relevant Avoloq SmartClient controls, then capture them as reusable building blocks for scriptless test automation.


Test Data Generation

Rapidly create all the specific test data objects (e.g., business partners, money accounts, etc.) required for thorough, continuous testing.


Seamless Synchronization

Synchronization with Avaloq’s metadata repository enables effortless updating of tests and test data.

Infometis Avoloq Testing Extension – TAMI

With Infometis TAMI for Avaloq Test Data, you can use Tricentis Tosca to rapidly create Avaloq objects like business partner (BP) or money accounts (MACC).

Infometis Avoloq Testing Extension – TACC

Infometis TACC for Avaloq Testing extends Tricentis Tosca functionality to test Avaloq SmartClient. Supported functionality includes scanning, rescanning, and region scanning.