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Katalon Studio’s powerful automation toolset now includes a proprietary integration with Tricentis qTest for test automation reporting and consolidation.


Consolidating Your Test Automation Coverage

Gain visibility into functional and API test executions for browser-based and mobile applications.


Centralize Metrics

Go beyond standard reporting metrics and use qTest Insights to show executive test automation progress


Jira Coverage

Associate Katalon tests to Jira issues through qTest Manager's real-time integration


Scale Automation

Quickly scale and manage your test automation footprint

How It Works

Katalon Studio is a test automation platform that allows teams to easily create, plan and execute automated scripts for browser-based and mobile applications.

  • Automatically organize Katalon test executions with qTest Manager for quick test run coverage reports.
  • Track automated, exploratory and manual test executions side by side.

Our proprietary integration with qTest is a perfect match — it’s a combination of the best in test management with one of the most easy to use automation tools on the market.

VU LAMFounder – Katalon



Katalon will send over tests cases, execution statuses, timing and log files to qTest when your Katalon users execute the tests within Katalon Studio.


Aggregate Katalon data with other test run executions, such as performance test runs from Tricentis Flood or SAP tests with Tricentis Tosca using qTest Insights.