Postman Testing

Postman collections can be automatically imported into Tricentis Tosca API tests that are model–based and business-readable—simplifying test case maintenance and extension. These tests can be reviewed, adjusted, and extended into end-to-end tests, parameterized with Tricentis test data management, and executed alongside other Tricentis tests during your CI regression testing. The same test cases can also be converted into service virtualization assets, which simulate service behavior so you can test the front end earlier, more consistently, and more thoroughly.


Tricentis Tosca + Postman: Get started with API Test Automation

Easily extend and simplify your test case maintenance.

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Democratize API testing

Use an intuitive graphical interface to manage/extend API tests and reuse them as “building blocks” across end-to-end tests.


Optimize API testing

Take API testing to the next level with risk-based testing, test case design, test data generation, distributed execution, and more.


Boost Dev/QA collaboration

Developers’ API testing efforts are captured and extended to accelerate API test creation for QA.

API Test Importer for SoapUI and Postman

Use the free API Test Importer to convert your SoapUI and Postman project artifacts into Tricentis Tosca.