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Tricentis qTest


Make Selenium test automation more productive by integrating test results with Tricentis qTest to maintain control over all of your Selenium tests — whether you have hundreds or thousands.

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qTest Selenium integration

Test automation can quickly get out of hand if there isn’t a proper way to organize, schedule, execute tests, and report results across tools. qTest’s integration with Selenium brings much-needed organization to your automation chaos.


Selenium execution

Consolidate all Cucumber automation into one location for enhanced traceability.


Custom Selenium integration

Quickly access and analyze your latest Cucumber test scenario results.


Jenkins and Selenium together

Collaborate and streamline test scenario creation directly within Jira.

Image showing user stories being automated in a view that shows the outcome (pass/fail/blocked) of the tests executed.

Connect Selenium with Jira

Using multiple open-source tools can make test automation a siloed activity that’s disconnected from your Agile workflow. Teams are quick to automate without tracing their automation to Jira user stories, which creates difficulty when assessing test automation coverage.

  • Seamlessly tie Selenium test automation scripts with Jira issues
  • Ensure test coverage and associate failed Selenium scripts with specific user stories and bugs
  • Maintain a more accurate picture of the health of your applications

Selenium script generator

Turn your session-based and exploratory test sessions into automated Selenium scripts with qTest Explorer.

With Explorer’s automated script generator, anyone can simply record and output an automated test script from popular languages like Protractor, Java Selenium, and C# Selenium.

Screen of Selenium scripts being generated

Consolidate Jenkins results

Our Jenkins plugin allows Agile teams to consolidate their Selenium build results in qTest Manager. This plugin can be easily configured to work with both Jenkins pipeline and freestyle project types.

  • Create executive level dashboards to report across projects Selenium scripts
  • View historical build results for rich analysis

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