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Date: May. 11, 2022

With the load testing solution and turnkey service packages available on-demand, access to load & performance testing is easier than ever.

  • Do the Testing Yourself with NeoLoad
  • Benefits of Load Testing with NeoLoad
  • Performance Testing Tools Ready for Web and Mobile Challenges
  • Let Neotys do the Testing for You
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Do the testing yourself with NeoLoad

NeoLoad is a powerful load and performance testing software solution designed for web and mobile applications, which realistically simulates large numbers of users and analyzes your server behavior. Thanks to its monitoring modules, NeoLoad identifies performance bottlenecks, enabling you to correct them before they become expensive issues in production. NeoLoad’s exclusive technology allows you to conduct load tests more quickly, efficiently and frequently. This means you can confidently deploy high-performance Internet, intranet or mobile applications regardless of what technologies you may use, even the newest such as Flex, Silverlight, GWT, Ajax Push, WebSocket, and Google SPDY.

Benefits of load testing with NeoLoad

  • Supports Performance Testing of all standard and rich applications (RIA) for desktop and mobile devices
  • Conducts Load Testing for CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence – type applications
  • Monitors all major servers available on the market
  • Enterprise-class: Efficient and infinitely scalable, infrastructure monitoring capability, APM tools integration
  • Easy-to-use load testing tool: Scriptless test creation, GUI-driven design, automated parameterization
  • Quick time-to-value: Helps you create realistic tests in minutes! Automated report generator
  • Cost-effective: Low cost licensing and maintenance, flexible licensing options
  • Excellent productivity: Test more often with the same resources for a superior return on investment (ROI)
  • Fully integrated on-demand load generation from the cloud

Performance testing tools ready for web and mobile challenges

With NeoLoad, performance testers create and execute tests with real-time diagnostics for fast and recurrent testing. Web performance testing is a methodology based on regular and complementary tests, depending on performance objectives validation. The ability to compare load test results allows you to validate tuning and optimization on your application.

NeoLoad supports the creation of very advanced load tests for all web and mobile technologies.

Load and traffic are generated from your lab or dynamically provisioned machines all over the world, depending on expected production visitor locations.

Real-time diagnostics allow you to identify and resolve bottlenecks during the load testing session.

Performance metrics and monitoring counters are collected during the performance test and automatically validated against your SLAs. The results analysis time is dramatically decreased compared to other load testing tools.

Neotys Cloud platform provides with on-demand load testing from outside the firewall.

Performance tests results are generated and presented in comprehensive reports.

With NeoLoad, the test teams can focus on identifying bottlenecks and eliminating them, instead of wasting time on scripting scenarios, or deployment of the toolset.

NeoLoad, as a web load testing solution, helps you test your web applications performance easily so you can deploy them with confidence. NeoLoad supports GWT, AJAX, Oracle Forms, Flex, RTMP, HTTP streaming, Silverlight, Java serialization, Push technologies, WebSocket, .NET, Siebel, SOAP, J2EE, SAP and more!

Let Neotys do the testing for you

Sometimes organizations do not have the time or the skills to efficiently test the performance of their applications. Neotys can help you accelerate this critical phase of the application lifecycle and drastically enhance your level of test execution.

With Neotys service packages you are sure to get actionable insight on the performance of your application with total control over testing costs because Neotys commits on a range of clearly defined deliverables and you do not have to invest in any software license.

Our performance engineers are all experts in the field of load & performance testing and in optimizing web & mobile applications. They have the expertise to generate relevant results that you can understand and act on.

They will test your app so you can answer key questions including:

  • Will my site be able to handle expected (and unexpected) user loads?
  • How many concurrent users will my app be able to handle?
  • Will my app’s performance degrade as more people use it from different geographies or different devices?

Some of our 2000+ customers

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Tricentis Staff

Various contributors

Date: May. 11, 2022

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