API Importer for SoapUI & Postman

With just a few clicks, your team’s SoapUI and Postman projects can be automatically imported into Tricentis Tosca API tests that are model–based, business-readable—simplifying test case maintenance and extension. 

API Importer for SoapUI & Postman in Accordance with API Engine 3.0

This plugin automatically converts SoapUI and Postman projects into Tricentis Tosca API test cases, enabling you to manage API Testcases in both technical and business readable format. You can then leverage Tricentis Tosca’s model-based test approach to maintain and reuse your API tests with minimum effort and maximum business value. The same test cases can also be converted into service virtualization, which simulates service behavior so you can test the front end earlier, more consistently, and more thoroughly.

The utility is provided free of charge to help you bring your SoapUI and Postman artifacts into the Tricentis Tosca ecosystem and make Continuous Testing a reality in your organization.

Import SOAP and REST Test Cases

SoapUI SOAP and REST projects can be converted into Tricentis Tosca API test cases.

Convert Assertions into Verification

SoapUI Assertions are converted as Tricentis Tosca Verification Steps.

Auto-generate Business Parameters

Business Parameters are automatically-generated as Module Attributes, facilitating reuse and data-driven testing.

API Importer for SoapUI & Postman