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Tricentis Founder Wolfgang Platz Releases Book, Enterprise Continuous Testing

The book introduces a Continuous Testing strategy that helps Global 2000 enterprises transform software testing to meet the needs of fast-paced Agile and DevOps initiatives

Vienna, Austria and Mountain View, Calif. – December 2, 2019 — Tricentis announced the publication of Enterprise Continuous Testing: Transforming Testing for Agile and DevOps, written by Tricentis Founder Wolfgang Platz and Cynthia Dunlop. This book is targeted to senior quality managers and business executives who need to achieve the optimal balance between speed and quality when delivering the software that drives the modern business. It provides a roadmap for how to accelerate delivery with high confidence and low business risk.

“Even with the most extreme automation, the ‘test everything’ approach is not feasible…but actually, it’s not necessary or even desirable,” explained Wolfgang Platz. “If you rethink your approach to testing, you can get a thorough assessment of a release candidate’s business risk with much less testing than you’re probably performing today.”

Enterprise Continuous Testing: Transforming Testing for Agile and DevOps introduces a Continuous Testing strategy that helps enterprises transform testing to meet the needs of fast-paced Agile and DevOps initiatives. Software testing has traditionally been the enemy of speed and innovation—a slow, costly process that delays releases while delivering questionable business value. This new strategy helps organizations test smarter, so testing provides rapid insight into what matters most to the business.

All Profits to Benefit Specialisterne Austria, a Non-Profit Committed to Inclusion through Neurodiversity

Tricentis is donating all proceeds from Enterprise Continuous Testing to Specialisterne Austria, a non-profit committed to identifying, qualifying, and enabling the employability of talent in the autism spectrum. Under the umbrella of the globally-active Specialisterne Foundation, they partner with corporations, training, and educational institutions to unlock the full potential of neurodiversity for innovation and business excellence.

People with an autism spectrum condition are often great software testers because of their structured and analytical approach, detail-orientation, and perseverance. They quickly identify patterns and tend to find aberrations and mistakes that others miss. Yet, despite these strengths, between 60-80% of adults with autism are unemployed. Specialisterne has made it their mission to change that. Tricentis has been partnering with Specialisterne Austria since 2018 to provide state-of-the-art Software Tester Training for these talented individuals who are otherwise easily overlooked.

“The exceptional involvement of Wolfgang Platz and his team allows our candidates to acquire sought-after testing skills that build on their individual strengths and meet market needs,” explained Markus Kalbhenn, Member of the Managing Board of Specialisterne Austria. “The quality of this training has been instrumental to the incredible success of this program. We are very honored to have Tricentis as our partner and to see this joint commitment strengthened yet again.”

Book Publication Details
  • Print copies can be purchased from,, and other Amazon marketplaces.
  • Kindle versions can also be purchased from the same Amazon marketplaces. For the remainder of this week, digital copies are priced at 1.99 USD or EUR.
  • The PDF can be downloaded for free from the Tricentis Enterprise Continuous Testing site.
About Wolfgang Platz

Wolfgang Platz is the Founder and Chief Product Officer of Tricentis. Wolfgang is the force behind innovations such as model-based automation and the linear expansion test design methodology. The technology he developed drives Tricentis’ Continuous Testing Platform, which is recognized as the industry’s #1 solution by all top analysts. Today, he is responsible for advancing Tricentis’ vision to make resilient enterprise automation a reality across Global 2000 organizations.

Prior to Tricentis, Wolfgang was at Capgemini as a group head of IT development for one of the world’s largest IT insurance-development projects. There, he was responsible for architecture and implementation of life insurance policies and project management for several projects in banks.

Wolfgang holds a Master’s degree in Technical Physics as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Vienna University of Technology.

About Tricentis

With the industry’s #1 Continuous Testing platform, Tricentis is recognized for reinventing software testing for DevOps. Through agile test management and advanced test automation optimized to support over 150+ technologies, we provide automated insight into the business risks of your software releases–transforming testing from a roadblock to a catalyst for innovation. The result is accelerated software delivery speed, improved cost efficiency, and reduced business risk.

Tricentis is the only vendor to achieve “Leader” status in all three top analyst reports (i.e., the “Triple Crown”). This honor is based on our technical leadership, innovation, and a Global 2000 customer base of 1600+ companies, including global enterprises such as Allianz, ANZ Bank, Cisco, Dolby, Experian, First Data, HSBC, Merck, Office Depot, Samsung, Swiss Re, Starbucks, Telstra, UBS, Vodafone, Whole Foods, and WorldPay. Customers rely on Tricentis to achieve and sustain test automation rates of over 90 percent–increasing risk coverage while accelerating testing to keep pace with Agile and DevOps.

Tricentis has a global presence in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Poland, United States and the UK. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


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