Tricentis Unveils 2021 State of Enterprise Application Testing Report

Report provides an unprecedented look at how Fortune 500 and equivalent companies test the software that their business–and the world–relies on

Mountain View, Calif. — April 13, 2021 — Tricentis, the world’s #1 platform for modern cloud and enterprise applications, announced today its “How the World’s Top Organizations Test” report analyzing how industry leaders test the software their businesses rely on. For this first-of-its-kind report, Tricentis collected data from 100 Fortune 500 (or global equivalent) organizations and major government agencies across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Every business is becoming a digital enterprise, the ability to rapidly release reliable applications is now a core strategic advantage. With today’s near-continuous release cycles, enterprise organizations must ensure that each update adds value and meets the demand for extreme reliability. Software testing has to accommodate a complex application stack that involves an average of 900 applications, and single transactions touching 82 different technologies without any downtime. Just an hour of downtime at the enterprise level can cost an organization between $500K to $1M.

“Software testing is a complex task that has an incredible amount of approaches which has made it underestimated and underappreciated to organizations for too long,” said Jori Ramakers, director of customer experience strategy at Tricentis. “However, many top organizations have transformed testing into a catalyst for digital transformation. We hope that our report will assist other organizations in doing the same.”

Currently, testing applications is the number one source for delivery delays. Testing costs consume on average, 23-25% of the overall IT spend. Automation is not widely implemented because there isn’t consistent and reliable access to data that large organizations need to enable automation.

Within the report, organizations are empowered with benchmark data on how to speed up application testing, reducing risk and costs, and utilize testing for digital transformation initiatives. The report outlines:

  • How leaders and laggards differ on key software testing and quality metrics
  • Where most organizations stand in terms of CI/CD integration, test environment strategy, and other key process elements
  • What test design, automation, management, and reporting approaches are trending now
  • Organizations’ top priorities for improving their testing in 2021


For example, the analysis found an average test automation rate of 39%, but high false positives (22%), low risk coverage (25%), and shockingly slow testing cycles (23 days) overall.

To learn how you can test like the top organizations and save time and money on testing, download the full “How the World’s Top Organizations Test” report here.

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