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Tricentis Partner Webinars

Tricentis Partner Webinars feature live demonstrations, customer use cases, and real-time Q&A sessions with Tricentis experts and select Tricentis Partners.


Introduction to Tricentis Device Cloud

Expanding our mobile testing solutions, we are excited to announce the launch of Tricentis Device Cloud. A real device farm, Tricentis Device Cloud expands access to testing on thousands of real mobile devices and configurations in the cloud. It extends Tosca and Testim automated UI functional tests with Mobile AI for performance analytics and enhanced user experience. Teams can accelerate and broaden testing across iOS and Android devices, generating insights covering over 130+ critical metrics to pinpoint and debug mobile defects .

Join us for partner exclusive session live to learn how the Tricentis device cloud can enable businesses to capitalize on growing enterprise mobile market.

Partner Pipeline Enablement - Tricentis Data Integrity

Join us for an interactive session on Tricentis Data Integrity, one of our fastest growing solution products in the critical business reporting and compliance space. This knowledge sharing session, led by our sales enablement and presales experts, is designed to enable you to target prospects, understand discovery questions for prospecting, and build your pipeline.



  • Tricentis DI latest features and supported technologies
  • Target personas
  • In-demand business use cases
  • Vertical solution marketing for partner sourced deals
  • Partner exclusive enablement resources, training sessions and initiatives

Introducing Tosca 2023.1

Join for a partner-exclusive webcast on Tosca 2023.1 update where we will be talking more about:

  • Next-generation Oracle Fusion support to provide your organization with greater resilience, adaptability, and speed.
  • Tosca’s new web accessibility testing features integrate with axe DevTools to help you run automated regression tests, boosting quality and usability for diverse audiences while maintaining compliance.
  • Real device testing with Tricentis Device Cloud  and tight integration with DevOps processes and CI/CD pipelines.
  • An updated Solution Manager integration that accelerates SAP testing and aligns seamlessly with your DevOps processes.

Getting started with Tosca Query Language(TQL)

Learn how to use the Tosca Query Language to query and modify workspace artefacts.



  • Understand the syntax of TQL
  • Learn how to write your first TQL query
  • A few examples of daily Tosca operations

File Automation using Tosca

Learn how to perform verification of various types of files such as Excel, pdf, and JSON



  • Read and verify excel data dynamically
  • Read and verify pdf text and table
  • Read and verify JSON data dynamically
  • Execute one to one comparison of the excel file
  • Execute one to one comparison of the pdf file

Exploratory Testing using qTest Explorer

Learn how to Setup the qTest web and Desktop Explorer for exploratory testing and to plan sessions-based testing.



  • Gain knowledge on qTest Explorer
  • How to create a session in qTest
  • Plan sessions-based testing and collect all exploratory test session data in one central location

How Tricentis LiveCompare's latest features power more intelligent S/4HANA migration and update strategies

Register for this webinar to hear our experts discuss:

  • How and when to incorporate change intelligence into your S/4HANA migration or update strategy
  • Where Tricentis LiveCompare fits into SAP’s Activate methodology for S/4HANA adoption
  • How new LiveCompare features like smart project guides can take the guesswork out of S/4HANA updates and migrations

Intro to Tricentis Testim—modern UI and functional testing for custom web applications

Tricentis Testim is a modern AI-powered test automation solution for UI and functional testing of cloud-native and custom web applications. In this webinar, we will cover Testim’s target personas, use cases, and value propositions.

Identify performance bottlenecks faster with Tricentis NeoLoad’s APM integrations

Production monitoring tools such as Dynatrace and Datadog deliver valuable metrics that help organizations predict and prevent performance issues. In this webinar, you will learn how Tricentis NeoLoad helps you take advantage of those valuable insights to improve the release process. By analyzing production data alongside your load testing data, you can achieve an enhanced view of performance that helps you identify bottlenecks faster and and improve confidence in your systems’ ongoing status.