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Tricentis Partner Webinars

Tricentis Partner Webinars feature live demonstrations, customer use cases, and real-time Q&A sessions with Tricentis experts and select Tricentis Partners.


Introduction to Tricentis Test Automation for web-based apps

Tricentis reimagined its market-leading model-based testing solution and has released a new SaaS product — Tricentis Test Automation. This will enable efficiency and scalability to run automation on parallel tests within your datacenter or on cloud-hosted resources.

Join us to see how Tricentis Test Automation (TTA) addresses the challenges of testing modern, web-based applications

Introducing Tricentis Vera 23.1 with qTest and Tosca

With Tricentis Vera 23.1, we are further enabling life sciences organizations to more easily be able to modernize their approach to CSV to support Agile testing and test automation through our recent enhancements in the qTest and Tosca integration.

Tricentis pricing & packaging updates

Join this session to learn more about the upcoming changes to our software licensing pricing for 2023 and how it is exciting for our partners

User Path execution using Jenkins in Neoload

Learn how to set up Jenkins plugin in NeoLoad, configure CI pipeline and seamlessly execute the NeoLoad User Path.

Getting started with TC Rest API

Register for this session to learn how to setup & configure TC REST APIs to access the Tosca Commander Artefacts

HTML Table Customization using Tricentis Tosca

Attend this session to continue our learning journey through custom controls with an advanced example of HTML Custom Controls. We’ll be focusing on the structure of table controls and the row, column and cell adapters.

Holiday Readiness and Absolute No-No’s

How can you ensure your infrastructure survives holiday stress? We will look at how to avoid holiday nightmares. View this session to learn infrastructure scaling, caching policies, and more.

Intro to Tricentis Testim—modern UI and functional testing for custom web applications

Tricentis Testim is a modern AI-powered test automation solution for UI and functional testing of cloud-native and custom web applications. In this webinar, we will cover Testim’s target personas, use cases, and value propositions.

On-Demand 5 Things Every Tricentis Partner Should Know

Join this webinar to uncover a top list of “If Only I had Known” moments from long-time Tricentis employee and Sr. Solution Architect, Bill Hayden.