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Tricentis Partner Webinars

Tricentis Partner Webinars feature live demonstrations, customer use cases, and real-time Q&A sessions with Tricentis experts and select Tricentis Partners.

Tricentis Partner Thursdays: Quantify Value & Build Trust with Value Cloud

Join us for this introductory webinar to discover how Value Cloud, a customized ROI calculator, can transform your sales game.


Value Cloud empowers you to:

  • Build credibility & trust: Present concrete evidence of your software’s value with real numbers and financial projections.
  • Quantify return on investment: Go beyond vague promises and showcase the quantifiable benefits like reduced costs, increased productivity, and revenue growth.
  • Overcome objections & justify costs: Proactively address cost concerns by demonstrating the long-term value and ROI your software delivers.

Introducing Tosca and qTest Copilot

In this webinar, our experts will showcase the capabilities of Tosca and qTest Copilots.


  • Tosca Copilot provides generative AI to assist with test portfolio optimization, quality insights, expertise and guidance to help tester’s boost their efficiency and onboarding.
  • qTest Copilot will enable testers to autogenerate tests from requirements, and de-duplicate existing test cases for a faster, more maintainable path to testing.

Explore the spectrum of Tricentis testing solution for SAP

Watch this partner exclusive session to learn about the unique features and benefits of Tricentis testing solutions for SAP environments, including SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing (Tosca), SAP Change Impact Analysis (LiveCompare), SAP Enterprise Data Integrity Testing (DI) and SAP Enterprise Performance Testing (NeoLoad).

Tricentis NeoLoad Product Consultant

The NeoLoad Product Consultants are able to conduct performance tests to assess the performance, scalability, and stability of software applications, design system architecture and infrastructure aligned with performance optimization strategies and ensure continuous optimization of the stability, scalability, and performance of software applications

Tricentis LiveCompare Product Consultant

The LiveCompare Product Consultants within this role can configure LiveCompare, perform test coverage analysis, understand retrofit analysis, articulate comparison analytics with reports and streamline testing and validation within SAP landscape.

Tricentis qTest Product Consultant

The qTest Product Consultants are responsible for test automation integrations into qTest, test case maintenance and execution, and qTest management, configuration, and customization.

Tricentis Product Portfolio Updates - 2024 Q2

We invite you to join us for a partner exclusive webinar with our subject matter experts to learn about the Tricentis product suite and the latest updates to our portfolio to deliver faster and quality releases in 2024.

Make the most of SAP feature packs with Tricentis LiveCompare

Join this webinar to hear our experts share how Tricentis LiveCompare can help your organization take advantage of the latest SAP capabilities while reducing risk and potential costs.




  • The risks of applying feature packs without identifying how they will impact your existing SAP systems
  • How change intelligence can help you successfully implement SAP feature packs
  • How to identify your most at risk SAP executables and their related tests with LiveCompare

Make performance a team sport. Why enterprises switch to NeoLoad?

Speed is the #1 reason enterprises switch to NeoLoad. Customers find that with NeoLoad, testing goes from weeks to days, from days to hours. What makes NeoLoad different is that unlike other performance testing tools, you can design complicated test scripts without writing a single line of code. Everything is drag-and-drop, point- and-click.


Want to learn why enterprises switch to NeoLoad? Join this webinar as our experts discuss why many performance testing tools organizations relied on in the past, cannot keep pace with modern software development and testing approaches.