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Tricentis Partner Webinars

Tricentis Partner Webinars feature live demonstrations, customer use cases, and real-time Q&A sessions with Tricentis experts and select Tricentis Partners.


Discover what’s new in Tricentis mobile solutions

Learn about Tricentis Mobile solution and the virtual grid release that supports delivery of high-quality, stable mobile applications.


In this partner-exclusive webcast we will cover:

  • The Tricentis Mobile solution and its unmatched value
  • The benefits of testing across virtual and physical mobile grids
  • Target customers and use cases for the Tricentis Mobile solution
  • Demo of Testim mobile and Virtual grid

Tricentis Testim GTM opportunities for Agile development and DevOps

Join us for an interactive session with our experts to learn how test automation offerings address these market needs with a focus on:


  • Overview of Testim, its capabilities and benefits for a DevOps audience
  • Identifying key personas and tailoring the message for each
  • Positioning Testim amongst other products
  • Understanding how Testim solves the testing challenges to achieve business goals and make teams more effective

Introduction to Tricentis Device Cloud

Expanding our mobile testing solutions, we are excited to announce the launch of Tricentis Device Cloud. A real device farm, Tricentis Device Cloud expands access to testing on thousands of real mobile devices and configurations in the cloud. Teams can accelerate and broaden testing across iOS and Android devices, generating insights covering over 130+ critical metrics to pinpoint and debug mobile defects .

Join us for partner exclusive session live to learn how the Tricentis device cloud can enable businesses to capitalize on growing enterprise mobile market.

Tricentis Learning Days -SAP

This Learning Program has been created to enable individuals who are working in an SAP environment on Tricentis products majorly “Enterprise Continuous Testing” (Tosca) and “Change Impact Analysis” (LiveCompare).


Participant Prerequisites:

Completion of below mentioned courses is a must.

Tricentis Learning Days - NeoLoad

This guided series will focus on:


  • Overview of NeoLoad
  • Installation of the tool and implementation of the respective applications
  • Required licenses and functions for using the tool
  • Additionally, you will be exposed to more advanced content that rounds out our Learning Days so you are kept up to date.
  • Finally, you will be given the opportunity to take our quiz, and be recognized as  “Tricentis Learning Days NeoLoad Champion”.

Mobile Test Authoring and Execution with Local and Cloud Devices

Join this session to learn about:


  • Preparing your local devices for automation with Tricentis Mobile Agent
  • Mobile test authoring and execution with local devices through the Tricentis Mobile Agent
  • Mobile test authoring and execution with cloud devices through Tricentis Device Cloud 
  • Working with Appium capabilities for automation 
  • Analyzing UX and performance KPIs of mobile apps through Tricentis Device Cloud 


Tricentis Virtual Mobile Grid for integrated mobile test execution at scale

Join us for a first look at the Tricentis Virtual Mobile Grid, the latest addition to the Tricentis Mobile Solution that provides integrated, on-demand connectivity to cloud-based emulators and simulators.


In this webinar, our experts will show you how you can use it with Testim Mobile to gain easy access to any needed Android or iOS virtual devices and improve test coverage and speed for each code check-in.

Introducing Data Export for Tricentis qTest

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Many ways you can pull data out of qTest, including our new data export features
  • Best practices for comparing testing data against a full set of data coming out of CI/CD tools or other sources from across the business
  • How to use historical testing data to analyze long-term QA trends and inform strategic planning

Our vision for the future of mobile testing

Watch this webinar to hear our experts discuss:

  • Emerging and upcoming mobile testing challenges your team should be prepared to address
  • Key considerations for building a future-proof mobile testing strategy
  • How Tricentis is helping our customers simplify mobile test automation with a Tricentis Device Cloud and enhancements to Testim Mobile and Tosca Mobile