Assure Flawless Digital Experiences

Tricentis has partnered with HeadSpin to allow Tricentis Tosca users to access HeadSpin’s large edge of hosted and on-premise devices and HeadSpin’s data science platform to test, debug, collect performance data, and detect build regressions to meet their quality, development, and monitoring goals.

HeadSpin + Tricentis

Tricentis and HeadSpin’s test automation framework delivers an end-to-end solution for testing, while HeadSpin’s data science-based performance insights enable teams to test on devices on the edge and proactively resolve issues to achieve digital transformation goals and assure flawless digital experiences.

Global Device Testing

Tosca users can remotely connect to thousands of real mobile and browser devices globally, enabling testing of various distributed edge nodes.

Understand Application Performance

HeadSpin identifies quality of experience issues during tests, and shares deep insights and recommendations for improving the functionality and performance of your application.

Accelerate Test Automation

Users can achieve enhanced testing capabilities with parallel testing, easy CI/CD workflow integration, and Appium test automation.