Partner - Qentelli

Accelerating Business Transformation through Quality Engineering

Qentelli (Kwen–Tel–LEE) is a Digital and Cloud Technology Company. Our Intellectual Property which includes AI based products / tools, frameworks, methodology and process playbooks help accelerate and deliver Digital Transformation, Cloud Adoption, DevOps and Quality Engineering solutions to our customers.

Certified Solution Partner
Test Automation

Qentelli + Tricentis

Qentelli and Tricentis enable organizations to simplify their testing process, speed up the deployment rate, integrate data, and optimize continuous delivery process. We help companies assure quality in every step of SDLC and to transform their Quality Engineering to meet ever changing needs of business.

Accelerating DevOps

TOSCA enables us to significantly cut down on the time for smoke, regression, and in-sprint testing, as well as fulfilling the demands of multiple deployments in a single day.

Increasing Business Coverage

Leveraging TOSCA platform allows you to cut down 45% of Quality Assurance efforts, so those resources can be utilized to strengthen your end-to-end business flow and improving overall coverage.

Certified and Experienced Team

As a partner of SAP, Informatica and AWS, Qentelli is well positioned provide Enterprise customers with Testing and Automation solutions.