Partner - Sixsentix

Software QA from strategy to operations

Sixsentix was established in 2012 and specializes in consulting for Quality Assurance. Based in Zurich, with customers across EMEA and 400+ employees worldwide, we focus on supporting organizations in their Digital Journey and their transformation towards agility and DevOps. Our key competence is to design and operationalize QA solutions to achieve customer’s strategic goals.

Certified Solution Partner
Test Automation . Test Management

Sixsentix + Tricentis

Since its foundation, Sixsentix has selected the Tricentis products, and specially Tricentis Tosca, as its preferred testing framework. Tosca’s architecture fits very well with Sixsentix’ methodology, hence the synergies for over 10+ years. Sixsentix has built up a 300 people competence center around Tricentis tooling and has trained over 1000 professionals including customers and own employees.

Testing from a business perspective

Sixsentix tackles the agile testing pyramid top-down to ensure continuous integrity of business processes.


Sixsentix methodology unleashes the potential of test automation to improve time to market.

Scalability with nearshore

200+ consultants in our nearshore locations have been trained up on Tosca expertise with Sixsentix methodology.