Mobile Testing

Tricentis Tosca helps testers integrate mobile testing into their broader testing strategy. By pairing the power of Appium with Tricentis Model-based Test Automation, we help you rapidly create mobile tests and use them as building blocks for end-to-end test scenarios that might also involve APIs, browsers, SAP, and custom applications.


Tricentis Tosca Mobile Testing Benefits


Mobile Testing—Simplified

With Model-Based Test Automation, any tester can rapidly create sophisticated mobile tests, then reuse them as “building blocks” across end-to-end tests.


Optimize Mobile Testing

Take mobile testing to the next level with risk-based testing, test case design, test data generation, distributed execution, and more.


Ensure Your App Works for Everyone

Rapidly scale your mobile testing efforts: tap Tricentis’ partner network to seamlessly execute tests on any device, simulator, or emulator.

Mobile testing without programming

Tricentis Tosca lets you create mobile tests in the same way that you create UI and API tests—just drag and drop. You gain the power of Appium, the industry-standard mobile testing tool, without having to deal with Appium’s technical complexity. No complex setup or scripting is required.

Discover Mobile Testing

Test native, hybrid & web apps directly on devices, simulators, emulators

Test native, hybrid, and web applications on iOS and Android devices—including cross-browser testing with Safari and Chrome browsers. No instrumentation or other application modification is needed; you can test the exact same application that you’re releasing.

A single test case definition can be used across real devices, simulators, and emulators. This reuse significantly streamlines test creation, maintenance, and execution.

Use device clouds for distributed automated testing

Mobile device clouds let you “rent” access to the various mobile environments that are needed to complete your test plan. Tricentis’ integration into popular device clouds helps you rapidly expand the scope of your mobile testing efforts. You can execute Tricentis mobile tests on any device, simulator, or emulator available in the following device clouds:

  • Perfecto
  • Mobile Labs
  • Sauce Labs

This means that you can start creating and executing tests before all your target environments are known, then instantly spin up new test environments as needed. You can quickly validate the user experience on a  broad range of devices—without having to acquire, configure, and manage them all.


Installation Type:
On premise + integration to device clouds
Instrumentation:None required
Object Recognition:Technical IDs
App Types:Native, Hybrid, Web
Mobile OS:Android, iOS
Mobile Browsers:Safari, Chrome
Real Devices:Yes
Tethered (USB):Android, iOS
CI Integration:Automated deploy and startup; tests are launched automatically— no manual interaction required